A new speculation about Muten Roshi getting killed in Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super” has recently surfaced online.

The claim stems from the latest episode preview released for the anime series’ upcoming episode. The popular anime series will have a hiatus for a couple of airing time to pave way for Japan’s history and culture TV specials. The series will resume on September 17 and will air the 107th episode.

Episode 107 Preview

The latest preview for Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super” reveals that the next installment will feature other fighters from other participating universes in the Tournament of Power.


It also shows that as the tournament continues the battles become more intense and the fighters are tougher. There are only 32 minutes remaining until the tournament culminates and several characters are not yet given their exposure in the series.

Muten Roshi dies?

In the last scene of the latest episode preview, Muten Roshi is seen performing the Evil Containment Wave technique. This popular technique is designed to suck the demons into the container and seal them away using a special demon seal.

This is also known as Mafuba and was seen in episode 105 performed by the Turtle Hermit. While this technique is very effective its weakness includes draining the warrior its stamina.

In the anime series’ 105th episode, Muten Roshi died giving his all performing the Kamehameha and was revived by Goku using his Ki Blast. While the preview is showing Roshi performing the Mafuba, Goku, Krillin, and Tenshihan’s reactions are seen filled with fear and worry. Given his second life and his feat during his previous fights, the aged warrior’s strength is already depleted.


If he performs the Evil Containment Technique, it will drain him of his remaining strength.

It appears that Muten Roshi was not successful in his attempt to suck Frost away since the video shows him lying on the ground. On his feet stands Universe6’s Frost looking down at him. There is a big chance that the makers of the popular anime series will get Roshi eliminated in the upcoming episode. There is a fan theory right now that claims that Roshi's death will trigger Goku's new transformation.


Aside from the speculations that Roshi will either get eliminated or killed in the Tournament of Power, there is another claim about the order of elimination in the tournament.

A picture showing the Z fighters appears to be hinting on the sequence of the characters that will be eliminated in Universe 7. The picture shows Krillin, followed by Tenshinhan and then Vegeta. According to claims, Vegeta will be the next fighter to get eliminated.

While these are all speculations, for now, fans will soon know what is true and what is not as “Dragon Ball Super” continues.


Episode 107 is titled, "Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!"