Dragon Ball Super” is gunning for more exciting episodes shortly as the exhilarating Tournament of Power go into the next phase. Now that the weaker ones are now either eliminated or erased, less than half of the participants are left. We can expect that the ones staying in the shadows make their moves that will give us exciting match ups. So far, Universe 7 is doing good where Goku and friends delivered the finishing blows for Universe 9 and Universe 10. However, Earth’s finest is slowly losing warriors starting with Krillin, and in the latest episode, Tien retired after a double K.O.


Will Universe 7 lose another fighter?

Frost and his treacherous moves

Ever since the universal battle royal kicked off, there are not enough scenes that featured the Ice-Jins (Frieza’s race) in action. Last time we saw the evil Emperor Frieza in action was when he scared the hell out of the gargoyle-like guy of Universe 9. Frieza’s Universe 6 counterpart, Frost, on the other hand, was not seen ever since he eliminated Krillin with an offensive sucker punch. The two managed to evade the attention of the participants and this time Frost breaks his silence to strike another fighter from Universe 7.

As we recall, Frost had a shady conversation with Frieza where the two evil aliens plotted something sinister in the Tournament. As for what it is, we still have no idea what they are planning, but whatever it might be, it cannot be something good for Goku and the others. According to the preview, Frost will start to make some move together with Magetta against Universe 7 where he will target the already exhausted Master Roshi.

Master Roshi in trouble?!

Episode 105 was solely dedicated to the Turtle Hermit where he eliminated three of Universe 4’s warriors on his own.


After the exciting battle, Master Roshi collapsed due to exhaustion and using his Evil Containment Wave on a strong enemy. As we all know, the extensive use of the technique will put a huge toll on the user’s body. Furthermore, if the user doesn’t have enough life force to perform the sealing technique, they will die despite the success of the containment. However, the old martial artist is seen performing the technique yet again on Frost.

Basing on Goku’s tone when doing the preview, he seems upset, but it is tough to say if Master Roshi will die by actually perform the Evil Containment Wave or if he is just bluffing against the enemy.

Let's wait and see what will happen to the Turtle Hermit in the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" this coming Saturday at 7:15 PM CST. The English dub versions will follow on Toonami of Adult Swim at 11:30 PM.