The short preview of Dragon Ball Super” episode 107 teased the fierce battle of Maji Kayo against the two formidable members of Pride Troopers, Jiren, and Dispo. The spoilers additionally revealed the involvement of Magetta and Frost in the next episode. Several fights are going to happen at once in “DBS” episode 107. Fans may expect an action-packed battle between the representatives of Universe 3 and Universe 11 and the fight between the unexpected team of Magetta and Frost against the fighters of Universe 7.

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The Robot and the Pride Troopers

The mini- video clip via YouTube featured Maji Kayo melting on the ground while Jiren, who has been standing beside him, was waiting for his opponent to attack.

The robot did not bother to stand so while sitting he used his exaggeratedly large hand, which seemed to be made of liquid, to strike his enemy. After the robot’s battle against Jiren, the teaser revealed that he would also encounter the Pride Trooper member, Dispo. The clip showed Dispo landing a clean kick on the robot’s face but, since Maji Kayo has a jelly-like body, the attack did not affect him much.

Meanwhile, the former defender of Justice Frost was revealed to be the villain behind Magetta’s unexpected attack on the representatives of Universe 7. Frost did not appear in the video yet Goku confirmed the villain’s involvement in the plot against them. On the other hand, Master Roshi [VIDEO]would once again display his remarkable skills in the series showing his worth as one of Son Goku’s masters as spoilers for Dragon Ball Super” episode 107 featured the Turtle Hermit using the Mafuba technique against the villain for the second time.

Goku warned his master not to use the technique again because he might die in the process.

The dangerous technique that could end Master Roshi's life

In a previous report, Master Roshi used the Mafuba against Caway in episode 105. According to Dragon Ball Wiki, Mafuba or the evil containment wave is a technique designed to lock away demons in a container with a special Demon Seal ofuda plastered over the container. The person using the method [VIDEO] must have the stamina and the endurance to perform it or the user will die. Despite his age, Master Roshi managed to accomplish it and afterward fought another powerful opponent. If the old man kept on carrying out heavy tasks, he might die in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 107. The spoilers for the episode also revealed its title “Revenge F! The Cunning Trap” that will air next Sunday, September 17.