Dragon Ball Super” returned this weekend, and the exhilarating show showed us that it was geared up and ready for its highly anticipated one-hour special in the upcoming weeks. We got a taste of what to expect in the hour-long treat in episode 107 especially with the ever mysterious Jiren. Now that the Tournament of Power is now in its final stages, more and more dangerous opponents are emerging from the shadows and making their moves. How will Goku and the others deal with the rising threats?

Short recap

With only 36 participants left, Zen-Ohs were given a brief update on how each universes are faring in the chaotic battle royal.


First was Universe 2 who has six warriors left with Brianne de Chateau leading the team. As for Universe 3, they still have seven active fighters where most of them looked like metalmen or automatons. Universe 4, on the other hand, has 4 participants remaining but only two were shown in the preview. Universes 6 and 7 are currently the tournament leaders with eight fighters each. Last but not the least is Universe 11 who boast quality over quantity with Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren in their lineup.

Jiren finally makes a move!

With only 36 warriors left, the nerdy Universe 3 felt the need to gather data on Jiren who spent most of his time standing on the battlefield.

Universe 3 sent their slimy Maji Kayo to test out Jiren’s strength. Dyspo took the initiative and intercepted the attacking blue fighter but the speedster’s attack proved to be ineffective and in turn got captured.

Toppo was about to rescue his comrade, but Jiren stopped him and volunteered to go instead. Maji Kayo prepared for his massive attack that looked like Luffy’s Giant Pistol on “One Piece.” However, Jiren quickly thwarted Maji Kayo’s attack using only the shock wave from his single punch.


The dominant force was enough to destroy the Universe 3 warrior’s body and push him out of the arena. Meanwhile, Goku was astonished to witness Jiren’s power.

Vegeta dropped out?

Another highlight of the episode was the tag team battle between Frost and Magetta with Master Roshi and Vegeta. With the gas running out for the old hermit, his only choice to success was to use his Evil Containment Wave on Frost. However, the old martial artist first attempt to seal the Universe 6 fighter failed miserably.

Roshi attempted to seal Frost once again but the evil battler reflected the Evil Containment Wave to Vegeta, and the Saiyan ended up as the one sealed in a little bottle. As a final effort to save one of Universe 7’s best fighter, Master Roshi unleashed a small, homing ki blast that broke the bottle just before Frost threw Vegeta out of the arena.

Frost was no match for Vegeta who now turned Super Saiyan Blue and Frost escaped before he came on the receiving end of Vegeta’s wrath. Magetta who was now prone to insults became an easy prey to Vegeta while Master Roshi voluntarily jumped out of the arena due to his lack of stamina.


All in all, both Universe 6 and seven didn’t gain an inch against each other, and they were still tied with seven warriors each. For now, let’s just wait for the next episode of Dragon Ball Superthat will air this coming Saturday on Crunchyroll.