The Tournament of Power continues, and Frost remembers the deal he cracked with Champa to have his criminal records erased from the system if he can help universe 6 win the tournament.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the recently aired “Dragon Ball Super” episode.

Episode 107 review and recap

The episode begins with Frost meeting Champa and reminding him the deal. But, Champa blasts him as he remembers how he embarrassed him during the fight between Universe 6 and Universe 7 before the Tournament of Power.


But, Frost has a solid plan, and he can convince Champa that he can take down Universe 7. Meanwhile, the Omni-Kings want to know the current situation, and the Great Priest helps them with a quick recap. He tells them that only 36 contestants remain in the Tournament of Power. Universe 2 has six fighters, Universe 3 has seven fighters left, Universe 4 has only four, Universe 6 and Universe 7 are considered the strongest with eight fighters, and Universe 11 has three warriors.

Meanwhile, Beerus is worried that Universe 4 is supposed to have four contestants, but only two can be seen fighting.

Tenshinhan tells that he had sensed their ki when the tournament started.

Whis warns that warriors from Universe 4 can surprise the opponents. Meanwhile, Universe 11 are only left with three warriors namely Jiren, Dyspo, and Toppo, but gods Kai and Vermoud have faith in them. These three fighters are considered the best in their universe.

Later, during the episode, Maji Kayo of Universe 3 attacks Universe 11’s fighters. Universe 3 Kaioshin Ea believes that Maji Kayo’s liquid-like body is perfect against someone like Jiren.


Dyspo takes on Maji Kayo but unable to make an impact, and Jiren arrives to help him. Before Maji Kayo could attack, Jiren knocks him out and eliminates him.

Muten Roshi vs. Frost

Frost decides to go after weakened contestants from Universe 7, and his first target is Muten Roshi. Goku tries to help him, but he is stuck with fighting Ribrianne. Roshi tries to stop Frost, but later Frost can pin him down. Roshi uses the Mafuba technique against but misses the target. Frost has a plan that he will use the jar to seal Vegeta away.

He attacks Roshi and Vegeta. Meanwhile, Beerus asks Kuririn to keep a Senzu ready for Roshi in case he dies.

Soon, Magetta joins Frost in the fight against Vegeta. Vegeta wants to insult Magetta, but the latter has magma to block his ears. Roshi uses a Mafuba against Magetta, and this is when Frost deflects the Mafuba at Vegeta. But, Roshi breaks the jar. Frost still has the jar from the previous attack and uses it seal Vegeta. Now, Roshi uses his last ounce of energy to free Vegeta, and he succeeds.


Towards the end of the episode, Vegeta can eliminate Magetta and Kuririn gives Roshi a Senzu bean. Now, Ribrianne and Goku get ready for their battle. Watch “Dragon Ball Super” episodes online on Crunchyroll and FUNimation with English subtitles.