Frost from Universe 6 is using Magetta to corner fighters from Universe 7 in the preview video of Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107. Goku is worried that Frost might be up to something.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new episode. The promo video [VIDEO] shows Jiren fighting it out in the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, Goku says that Universe 6’s Frost is using Magetta to corner him and others on his team.

Goku knows that Frost is a cheater and he must be scheming something against Universe 7 to eliminate the fighters.

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He asks Master Roshi if he could use the Evil Containment Wave against Frost. The trailer shows the Turtle Hermit all set to use the technique against the opponent. However, Goku fears that if he uses the Evil Containment Wave, he will die for sure.

It is too late and Master Roshi ends launching the attack. Will Frost be able to counter it and kill Roshi? Will the Turtle Hermit be eliminated?

Episode 106: A quick recap

On Sunday, September 3, the latest episode [VIDEO] was aired on Fuji TV. The installment titled “Find Him! Death Match Against an Unseen Attacker” starts off with Muten Roshi resting for a while after his battle with Ganos. He tells Goku that he must fight while he rests and observes the battle from the sidelines. Elsewhere, Gohan and Piccolo are up against Dr. Rota from Universe 6. Rota declares that he will show them why he is called the doctor. However, before he can proceed, he is shot down by an attack from someone.

Gohan and Piccolo

Quickly, Gohan and Piccolo take cover from the attacks. Piccolo is able to predict that the attacks are concentrated ki which is similar to Makankosappo.

They are unable to trace the ki of the attacker and are surprised by the accuracy with which they are being targeted.

Gohan and Piccolo start to discuss ways to deal with this immediate threat, which can eliminate them. However, they are unaware that tiny floating balls are reflecting the concentrated ki attacks. Piccolo tries to suppress his ki and take cover but as they move to a new location, a ki shot takes off Piccolo’s arm. He is able to regenerate it. Later, Piccolo takes his arm out to draw the opponent to fire at him and it gives Gohan a chance to find out the direction the attack comes from.

Later, they learn that the small balls floating in the air are responsible for the guided attacks and Piccolo takes them down one by one. However, they still have to locate the sniper.