Things are getting pretty much serious with the Universal Survival Arc in "Dragon Ball Super." The recently concluded episode 106 may felt like a filler episode. However, the sizzler reel for episode 107 suggests that it will be action pack not to mention that something ominous is about to happen.

Frost's nasty treat

Per episode 107's preview, Maji Kayo can be seen regaining his form as he is pitted against Universe 11's Jiren. There was even a scene where he upsized his arm and is about to give the Pride Trooper member a massive hammer fist.

The teaser trailer also featured Universe 6's ever scheming Frost. If the English subtitles of the preview are anything to go by, it may well seem that the Frieza look-alike will be up to no good as one of them reads that he will be using his teammate Magetta to pull off his plan against the Z-Warriors.


It's is not yet clear as to how will Frost conspire with his metal man teammate, though the preview hints that he will be successful with it. Fans also came to wonder the whereabouts of both Frieza and Frost in previous episodes [VIDEO]. That being said, the next episode – dubbed "Revenge 'F' The Cunning Trap!?" might finally solve that mystery as it is also believed that these two might have something cooked up for Son Goku [VIDEO]'s crew.

Kamesennin in danger...again

Master Roshi – who almost bit the dust during the previous episode – will be in danger yet again as he will be using the Mafuba technique (Evil Containment Wave). Some fans even speculate that the Turtle Mermit will be the next to get eliminated after Tien Shinhan bowed out from the tourney.

A Vegeta fan theory

However, this is not the case for other faithfuls.


Some fans noticed something interesting in the anime's end credits as they took snapshots of it and took it to Twitter. The scenes where the Universe 7 roster were featured are believed to be tipping as to who will be the next character to be booted out. From the looks of it, Vegeta could be the one getting the ax. The fan theory seems plausible, though it still has to be taken with pinches of salt.

No DB Super next week

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the next "Dragon Ball Super" episode won't air next week as the show will be on a short hiatus. It will be replaced by some sort of the documentary about Japan's history, though it has yet to be confirmed. The anime won't be out in a couple of weeks, but it promises to be action-packed once regular programming resumes. In the meantime, check out a video about the show here: