The latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super” animated series just aired and it is as action-packed as its previous episodes. The new installment features a whole new round of eliminated warriors with one of the main characters dropping out from the Tournament of Power.

The ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc of the anime series started last year, but it has just been a couple of months since it kicked off the Tournament of Power, which is the main event of the arc. With just half an hour left in the battle royal, all the teams that have survived so far are quickly trying to even the odds by eliminating the universes in the lead.

Frost vs. Universe 7

After a long absence, Frost returned to center stage in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 107, attempting to put a humiliating stop to Team Universe 7.


The Universe 6 warrior aimed first for the weakest member of Son Goku’s team, and it was none other than Master Roshi.

No doubt that the old Turtle Hermit is one of the strongest warriors of Team Universe 7 and he recently managed to defeat and eliminate three warriors consecutively from an opposing team. However, he recently used his Evil Containment Wave technique, which took a huge toll on his body.

Master Roshi died from this risky technique but Goku was able to revive him, and the former has been recuperating in hiding within the arena of the Tournament of Power. The devious Frost aimed for the old master, and he was shocked that Master Roshi had something as deadly as the Evil Containment Wave hidden under his sleeve.


Master Roshi almost sealed away Frost with this technique, but the latter was able to get away at the last minute, realizing he was almost eliminated from the tournament. The cunning warrior from Universe 6 decided to use this technique against Universe 7’s fighters and also went after Vegeta, who was just nearby.

Frost succeeds in sealing away Vegeta, which surprised the rest of Team Universe 7 watching from the bleachers but Master Roshi used the last ounce of his strength to break the vessel that sealed away Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince breaks free and unleashes Super Saiyan Blue, scaring away Frost and another Universe 6 warrior, Auta Magetta.

Master Roshi drops out

After the surprising turn of events, Vegeta eventually eliminated Auta Magetta and saved Master Roshi from being eliminated.


Frost was spared from elimination because he escaped just before Vegeta could lay a hand on him.

Meanwhile, Master Roshi, who used the Evil Containment Wave technique thrice already, was forced to drop out from the Tournament of Power. Vegeta sincerely asked him to retire from the battle royal because the old martial artist has clearly reached his limit and the latter voluntarily jumped out of the arena.