Universe 7 is the main target and Frost from Universe 6 gives his all to take down Goku and company. Apart from Frost, Goku has another powerful enemy to deal with in Dragon Ball Super” episode 107. The latest Weekly Shonen Jump scoop has been released showcasing what fans can expect when the series returns after one week’s hiatus. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming anime series’ installment.

Official Jump spoilers – Episode 107

Universe 7 is considered as the most powerful among other universes and that makes the members of the universe, enemy number one. Universe 6 has made Universe 7 as the prime target. And, Frost is being ordered to take down its warriors. Frost is ready to attack and he comes with a furious one.


Meanwhile, Universe 7 is feeling tense as Tenshinhan and Kuririn are out. Frost decides to go after Master Roshi also known as the Turtle Hermit. Later, he goes after Vegeta.

Goku vs. Ribrianne

In Episode 107 titled “Revenge ‘F’! A Cunning Trap is Laid?!” Ribrianne challenges Goku for a fight. She is up for a fierce battle against the Saiyan warrior. But, Goku rushes to save his friends as they are targeted by Frost from Universe 6. However, someone stands in Goku’s way. Ribrianne wants to fight him before he saves his comrades. Can Goku beat Ribrianne and save his friends from Frost’s wrath? Frost, desperately, wants to beat fighters from Universe 7 as he has cut a deal with Kaioshin Fuwa. According to the deal, if Frost is able to save his universe from the impending doom, he will get financial help to start his business. Moreover, all his past criminal records must be erased and making his records clean.

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Frieza looks for a new opponent

Meanwhile, in Episode 108 of the anime series, Frieza looks for his next fighter. According to the title of the episode, “Frieza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!” it looks like Freeza will betray Goku and others. Meanwhile, Jimeze is battling against Son Gohan and the latter is being battered by him. Shockingly, Frieza seems to be enjoying as Gohan is getting knocked around by his opponents. It has to be seen what he has in mind? Can Vegeta and others trust Freeza in the Tournament of Power?

No 'DBS' episode on September 10

Fuji TV will not be telecasting the new episode of “Dragon Ball Super” and it has been postponed to Sunday, Sept. 17 while, Episode 108 is slated to air on Sunday, Sept.


24 at 9 a.m. Japan standard time.