Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super” episode 107, 108, 109 confirmed the appearance of Frost, Frieza and the strongest enemy of the Universe 7 fighters.

A reliable source said on YouTube that the next episode would feature a former defender of Justice who was ordered to take down the representatives of Universe 7 in the tournament of power. Kaoishin Fuwa said that the former space pirate would be free from his debts if the 6th Universe reigned as the victor of the tournament.

Short descriptions per episode

Frost did not immediately accept the task, even more, he demanded one condition; he wanted a financial assistance to start over his business. As soon as they agreed to each other's terms, Frost set off to locate his first target, Master Roshi.


DBS’ episode 107, 108, 109 spoilers also teased the appearance of Frieza in 108.

The description stated that Frieza was looking at his next opponent who was having a fierce battle against Jimizu. While Gohan was being tormented, the villain was watching from a distance and was grinning to himself probably enjoying what he has been witnessing. On the other hand, the fighters from Universe 7 watched Frieza suspiciously.

The spoilers further revealed that Goku’s strongest opponent will appear before him. The story went on as Gohan continued his battle against Jimizu while Goku fought Ribrianne, who wanted to win the tournament and become the goddess of the humanities. Ribrianne did not hold back as she assaulted Goku.


In the middle of the battle, the Pride Trooper Jiren was finally releasing his stored energy in front of Son Goku. The representative of Universe 11 began to overwhelm Goku and the other warriors as he released a massive amount of ki.

Titles and DBS history

Spoilers forDragon Ball Superalso revealed its title per episode, 107 is titled “Revenge F! The Cunning Trap is Set?” episode 108 titled “Frieza and Frost! Their Ill Will Meet!?” and episode 109 titled “Strongest Enemy Approaches Goku! Fire It Now! Sure-Kill Spirit Bomb!”

There will be no episode airing this week yet more spoilers about the TV series would definitely get revealed before 107 aired on September 17. The Yomiko Advertising and Fuji TV produced anime “Dragon Ball Super” debuted on July 5, 2015.


Its first 27 episodes are adaptations of “Dragon Ball Z Movie 14: Kami to Kami” and “Dragon Ball Z Movie 15: Fukkatsu no F.” Toei Animation is animating the series while Funimation licensed the TV anime.