Ever since Dragon Ball Super” Signaled the start of the Tournament of Power, Universe 7 has faced an enormous number of peculiar enemies that gave them a lot of trouble. So far, they encountered transforming magical girls, three humanoid wolf brothers, a flabby Winnie the Pooh-esque warrior, automatons, and even other Saiyans.

No matter how strong the enemies are, Goku and friends managed to turn around the situation and emerge victoriously. However, mysterious fighters from Universe 2 targeted Earth’s finest and pinned them in an unstoppable long range barrage of attacks. How will Goku and the others defeat an enemy that they cannot find?

Master and student team up!

One of the biggest highlights of episode 106 is the powerful team up of the young Saiyan Gohan and his Namekian mentor Piccolo.


The classic duo faced Universe 6’s Dr. Rota which was the small red warthog guy in Champa’s team. As Dr. Rota was about to reveal his ability, he was suddenly shot down by an unknown shooter.

Afterwards, Piccolo and Gohan came under the sights of the mysterious attacker’s crosshairs where Piccolo’s limbs were dismembered a few times. As the battle raged on with the mysterious attackers, the other members of Universe 7 also became a target of Universe 2 sniper. It turns out that the attacker was two individuals working together. One guy uses an orb like thing which he used to locate enemies and alter the trajectory of the shots fired by a man named Hermila who was the real shooter.

Tien takes the spotlight!

After Master Roshi and Krillin took center stage in the earlier episodes, it seems that the three-eyed baldy of the team is now ready to steal the spotlight for once.


Tien Shinhan went to Piccolo and Gohan’s aid when he realized that the duo is in danger. Additionally, he used his Multi-form attack to take out Hermila while Goku and Vegeta took care of the shooter's accomplice.

By dividing himself into four clones, Tien managed to approach the dangerous shooter and eventually overpowered him with his Tri-Beam Cannon. However, at the final moments of the battle, Tien let his guard down, and he ended up falling out of the arena. Good thing he managed to take Hermila with him in a final spurt of his Multi-form technique.

Though Tien gave it his all, it is still disappointing that the series failed to exploit his trade mark, the third eye and give him some power up just like what happened to Master Roshi in the previous episode.


Anyway, episode 106 turned out pretty impressive nonetheless.

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