"Dragon Ball Super" continues its resurgence [VIDEO] with this week's episode entitled "Find Him! Death Match With An Invisible Attacker!!". One thing the "Universal Survival Arc" has managed to do well so far, is to alter the style of battle from episode to episode slightly. Speaking honestly, "Dragon Ball Z" rarely changed tried anything new, often sticking with the series knows well.

"Dragon Ball Super" is hardly pushing the envelope, but the writers are making good use of the various contestant in the tournament to introduce unique fighting styles.

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For example, episode 106 sees Piccolo and Gohan take on a sniper. This offered a nice change of pace from the head on collision of the previous fights.

Now, the main question is whether they do it correctly.


"Dragon Ball Super" has so far done a serviceable job of giving its side characters a few memorable moments, with the last episode focusing on Roshi. Although episode 106 cannot be described as Piccolo centric, he is definitely the MVP.

In comparison to Goku and Vegeta, who are largely unwilling to strategize, Gohan and Piccolo are the thinkers of the group. Therefore, it makes sense that they would attempt to deal with an invisible enemy blasting them from a far off distance. Piccolo takes a few direct hits during this entry and looks like a boss while doing it. it is good to see him play a more active role.

Tien also gets involved in the action, serving as a decoy while Goku and Vegeta try a direct attack. The martial arts master becomes the main focus in the second half as-well.


It seems like Toei learned from the criticism thrown at "Dragon Ball GT," as they are going out of their way to not focus too much on Goku. Yes, he is still the main character and will always have a presence in the series, but this arc has highlighted the importance of working as a team.

Although we have seen one or two characters work together during the "Universal Survival Arc," this is the first episode which showed most of the team on the same page. It demonstrated that even the weaker characters bring something to the table which can prove useful. Tien is probably the weakest fighter, but he brings a foresight and calmness that the rest of the team lacks. He also ends up getting eliminated but takes someone down with him.

We cannot wait for the next episode, as we are genuinely invested [VIDEO]in the future of this arc and cannot wait for the main fights to start.