An untraceable Sniper with concentrated ki becomes a major headache for Piccolo and Gohan in Episode 106. Is this sniper fighting alone or getting help from someone? Meanwhile, Master Roshi decides to take a break and let other Universe 7 fighters continue the battle. The episode also explores the teamwork of Gohan and Piccolo in order to take down the sniper. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the recently aired episode of Dragon Ball Super.”

Gohan and Piccolo fight Dr. Rota

After his fight with Ganos, Master Roshi decides that he will rest and observe the fight.

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Roshi tells Goku [VIDEO] to handle the battle for him. Meanwhile, Piccolo and Gohan are set to battle Dr. Rota. Before the fight begins, Rota announces that he will tell them why he is known as the doctor.

Is it because he can eliminate his opponents with surgical precision? But, before Rota could explain a ki shot him down. Gohan and Piccolo hide behind the rubbles and Piccolo could guess that the attack has a stark resemblance to his Makankosappo.

The mysterious sniper

Piccolo and Gohan struggle to find the ki of the attacker and are shocked at the accuracy at which the shots are landing on them or near them. Tiny floating balls are keeping a track on their movements; also they can reflect the ki blasts from the sniper. Piccolo suppresses his ki but in the process ends up losing his arm which he regenerates. They decide to locate the sniper at any cost and Piccolo lures the attacker by stretching his arms, so that Gohan can look and find the direction the attack came from.

Later, they learn that the floating balls are aiding the sniper and Piccolo destroys a ball.

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Meanwhile, the Omni-Kings are clueless why Piccolo and Gohan are stuck in one place for so long. The Great Priest apprises them about the sniper and his capabilities. Tenshinhan discovers Rota lying unconscious and tells Goku and Vegeta about the attacker. Vegeta is frustrated that he cannot spot the sniper.

Meanwhile, during the attacks, Piccolo loses both his arms and the regeneration process brings down his stamina. Vegeta, Goku and Tenshihan learn that the enemy belongs to Universe 2, Prum and Hermila are behind the attacks. Later, it is revealed that the main sniper is Hermila and Prum is the one who is controlling the floating balls. Goku and Vegeta attack Prum using rubble and the leaves him defenseless. Towards the end of the episode [VIDEO], Hermila is able to eliminate Tenshinhan, but Prum and Hermila are also eliminated.