Dragon Ball Super” has already shown us many great things in the thrilling Tournament of Power, but the show is not yet over in showing us explosive scenes. So far, there are 35 minutes to go before the chaotic battle royal is over and one of the unexpected characters stepped up in the latest episode. Master Roshi showcased his martial arts prowess in the latest installment, and he showed us that his Kame-style is still on par with the universes’ finest even with his ripe old age.

Turtle Hermit shows some moves!

Before the tournament starts, we got a glimpse of Roshi’s training to suppress his perviness and dirty desires through the help of Puar. It was also made clear in the earlier episodes that the old master will have to face his weakness to maidens one way or another.


This time, Goku’s master was put to the test when he met Universe 4’s seductive warrior Caway.

At first, the young lady used her weapon-shaped energy to the old hermit, but Roshi quickly maneuvered out off Caway’s attack. Roshi mentioned that ever since the tournament started, he just observed his surroundings and studied everyone’s strengths and attacks, so there is nothing that will surprise him now. Seeing no other options, Caway started to use her womanly charms on Master Roshi that seemed to nullify the old man’s training. However, the hermit was managed to regain his composure before his enemy landed a hit. As a payback, he intimidated Caway so bad that she ran out of the arena herself.

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Roshi’s greatest contribution

As for Roshi’s next opponent, another lady warrior named Dercori of Universe 4 challenged the old martial arts master. Dercori’s battle style focused solely on her mystical talismans that she can create using her energy. She has a vast array of talismans that consists of 76 attack and 129 illusions where each of them has their respective powers and effects. Furthermore, she can power up exponentially when she is in the shadows.

With the use of her illusions, Dercori managed to bind Master Roshi in a dark place that rendered the old man immobilized. However, Roshi claimed that it is fortunate that Dercori was matched against him because if it were Goku or any other member of Universe 7, she would have the upper hand.


It is the master’s plan all along to take care of enemies such as Dercori for himself, so they will not be a bother to others who rely solely on raw power. The turtle hermit finished the fight by using his Evil Containment Wave, trapping her in a bottle and throwing it out of the arena.

Greatest, most powerful Kamehameha

The finale is against Universe 4’s Ganos where Roshi showed us yet again that raw speed and power is not the best weapon in martial arts. The old master explained that with his experience, he could easily evade Ganos’ attacks even when he has superior speed and power. Furthermore, he has an indomitable will and fighting spirit that he learned from his students – Goku and Krillin that helped him surpass his limits. With the last spurt of energy, Master Roshi unleashed the greatest, most powerful Kamehameha that sent Ganos flying out of bounds.

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