Fan theories for hugely popular series like Dragon Ball Super” are very typical and that only means that the fans are deeply engulfed in the story that it forced them to predict the future events. While many of these theories remained as false information, few managed to turn into reality like the famous R+L=J theory in “Game of Thrones” that was recently confirmed. Ever since the Tournament of Power kicked off, fans have been speculating on how the multiverse battle royal will turn out and two popular theories are now circulating the web about the order of the Elimination for Goku and friends.

1. Based on Limit Breaker x Survivor

For some cases, the opening song and animation of an anime series can imply the future events of the story and DBS’ opening ‘Limit Breaker x Survivor’ is not an exemption.

Over on Reddit, user u/StrakusPasu shared his or her elimination theory. As mentioned in the speculation, the removal order for Universe 7 will have something to do with the dragon balls that they carried in the opening. On one of the scene is most of the members of team Universe 7 and each of them holds a dragon ball that will serve as the pattern.

We all know that the first one to retire is Krillin followed by Tien and surprisingly, the dragon balls that they have in the openings are starred one and two respectively. If the theory proves right, the next one to go is Master Roshi that carries the three-star dragon ball. The trend will continue with Piccolo at number 4, Androids 17 and 18 for the fifth and sixth spot and finally Frieza [VIDEO]at the seventh place. The three remaining warriors Goku, Vegeta and Gohan doesn’t carry any dragon balls, and the Saiyans are believed to be the ones to remain for the final battle.

2. Based on Haruka

Another popular elimination theory was derived from the series’ ninth ending titled ‘Haruka.’ According to the theory, the order of the Universe 7 warriors that was shown in the ending will be the sequence of their elimination. The ending got the first two right with Krillin and Tien [VIDEO], but the surprising thing is that Vegeta is the one next in line for elimination. The three were followed by Android 18 and 17, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Frieza and at the end were Goku and Gohan who are speculated as the ones to survive the battle.

While many would not believe this speculation, we can’t deny the fact that this elimination order is not impossible to happen. Vegeta and the Androids are fighting alone, and one small mistake can cause their elimination. We all know that brute force is not the only way to win in the tournament and they might face some opponents that can outsmart them.

Anyway, the only way to find out which of these theories are real is to wait and see what will happen next in Dragon Ball Super that will air on Crunchyroll every Saturdays at 7:15 PM CST. English dubs will follow at Adult Swim’s Toonami at 11:30 PM.