The upcoming battle between Goku and Jiren the Gray in “Dragon Ball Super” is not only highly anticipated but also heavily speculated. Since the spoilers and previews have been released, the fandom could not stop talking about it. There are several fans who have shared their theories about the epic battle that will mark the pinnacle of the tournament of Power.

A few days ago, another set of details revealing the provisional titles of the three succeeding episodes following the one-hour special surfaced online. These further fan the flame on the theories the community has been debating about.


While most fans are focused on the hyped one-hour special, it appears that there are more interesting things after that, especially in Episode 113.

Episode 113

As translated by the ever-reliable Todd Blankenship, Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled, “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle.” According to another theory, it is in this episode that Goku will finally perfect his new form and be able to fight the unbelievably powerful opponent, Jiren the Gray. Any DB fan knows that one of Goku’s trademarks is his love for fighting.

One of the reasons why the Tournament of Power was held was because he urged the Omni-Kings to have one.

Interpreting the episode title, one can infer that the fighting maniac the title is describing is no other than Goku. After being saved by Hit from his fight with Jiren, the Saiyan will get used to his new power and perfect it. Will he be able to defeat Jiren this time around? Will he be defeated again? This theory raised more questions rather than answers.

Other details

There are other theories that fans have come up with the latest provisional titles.


Many fans believe that in the one-hour special, Goku’s new form will overwhelm him, and having no perfect control with his new power, it will knock him down. Episode 111 is titled “Hit vs Jiren,” which fans believe will be Hit’s payback for Goku’s good deeds to him.

In order to save the Saiyan from being eliminated, Hit will intervene and fight Jiren giving the Saiyan the ample time to rest and get his senses back. However, it appears that Hit will be no match to the strongest fighter of Universe11.

This is where Episode 112 comes in, titled “Vegeta’s Resolve.” In this episode, several fans speculate that Vegeta will power down and take one of Jiren’s attack. This will kill him, thus disqualifying Jiren from the tournament.

This is unlikely to happen; it is possible that Vegeta will also intervene in the fight between Hit and Jiren seeing Hit getting almost defeated. And just when Goku has managed to get his system used to his new form, he will join Vegeta fighting Jiren the Gray, thus the episode 113 title, “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle.” Episode 113, of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29, 2017.