The scanned summary of “Dragon Ball Super” regularly released by Weekly Shonen Jump is not available because there will no episode airing this weekend. The block time will be used for the TV special that will talk about the history of Japan, their government, and their culture. However, there are still several resources that we can dig into in order to get information on Episode 107 of the popular and fan-favorite anime series.

Episode 107

Toei Animation recently released the preview for the 107th episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” Apart from giving fans a glimpse of what the upcoming episode will be all about, the latest video also reveals interesting things that sparked speculations among fans.


The episode is titled "Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!" and will air on September 17.


In the preview, Goku’s can be heard in the background saying that Universe 6’s Frost is using Magetta to corner them. What does the Saiyan hero mean by this statement? If we consider the title of the episode, most likely, Frost is scheming another plan to trap and overthrow the Z-warriors by using his teammate Magetta. As to the specifics of the plan, it is still anybody’s guess, but given Frost’s cheating nature, it will involve another trick.

Maji Kayo

The preview opens with a scene showing Jiren fighting against Maji Kayo of Universe 3. This fighter is a humanoid depicted with a jelly-like body structure.


In Episode 105, Maji Kayo already made an appearance and was shown restraining Goku while the Saiyan transformed to Super Saiyan Blue and rushed to Muten Roshi. One of Maji Kayo's notable abilities shown in the video is the capacity to manipulate his body to launch and avoid attacks. He is revealed hurling a massive fist to Jiren.

Aside from squaring off with one of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power, he is also seen getting kicked in the face by Dispo. This scene reveals one of his forms, the childlike muscular form. It appears that the formless fighter from Universe 3 is fighting against the Pride Troopers.


Since the start of the Tournament of Power, there are only a few instances that fans have seen Frost.


In this episode, however, it seems that the cheater from Universe 6 will steal the spotlight. In the preview, he is seen walking with a mischievous grin. There speculations that the letter F in the title of the episode refers to Frost. However, it is also possible that it could mean Frieza. It is not surprising that the makers of the popular anime series would tease heavily on Frost and then sway the entire episode about Frieza or vice versa.

In the final scene of Episode 107 preview, Frost is seen standing and looking down to what appears to be an unconscious Muten Roshi. This scene has been the center of many speculations claiming that the Frieza-looking fighter will kill Roshin in Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super.