The hype continues to build up for the upcoming epic fight between Goku and Jiren in “Dragon Ball Super.” The one-hour special that will the showcase the much-awaited battle is still several weeks away but fans have already come up with their own speculations and theories about the episodes. So far, only spoilers and previews were released about the two-part event. However, a fan tried reaching out to the director of the anime series to get his thoughts on the much-hyped fight.

Latest information

On Twitter, a fan of “Dragon Ball Super” named Islem asked the anime series director Toshio Yoshitaka on what he could tell fans about the upcoming fight between Universe7’s Son Goku and Universe11’s Jiren the Gray.

The director replied that the fight would be a violent battle. With several spoilers teasing about how Goku’s maximum Kaioken will not have any effect with Jiren, it surely will be one hell of a fight.

Theories and speculations

One of the most talked about theories in the community nowadays is about Goku and his new form [VIDEO]. There are several spoilers previously released revealing that the Saiyan will raise his Kaioken to its maximum level. The theory believes that by doing so, Goku will deplete his energy and will weaken his body. Goku will then turn to his new form, which many believed will overwhelm him. Because his body is weak, the new surge of power within him will knock him out and will not be able to continue his fight with Jiren the Gray.

Provisional titles

Several days ago, a new set of provisional titles for Episodes 111, 112, and 113 surfaced online. As translated by Todd Blankenship [VIDEO], Episode 111 is titled “Hit vs Jiren.” On the other hand, Episode 112 is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve” while Episode 113 is titled “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle.” These spoilers further intensified the speculations about Goku incapacity to defeat Jiren given the title in Episode 111.

Hit’s payback

According to another theory, Hit will stand in the fight for Goku to save him from getting eliminated by the strongest fighter from Universe11. This is also Hit’s way of paying back to the Saiyan good deed to him in the previous episodes. Goku intervened in his fight against Dyspo when he saw that the Universe6’s Assassin was almost defeated by dirty tricks of Kunshi and Dyspo. Although not directly saying his appreciation, it was shown that what the Saiyan did save Hit from getting eliminated in the Tournament of Power.

These are all theories and speculations and fans will know if these are accurate as “Dragon Ball Super” progresses. The much-hyped one-hour special will air on October 8, 2017.