After his brief appearance in Chapter 66 [VIDEO] to defeat the fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu, fans were eager to see vegetto again on the scene. Those same fans currently, due to the huge difference in power between Goku and Jiren, are hopeful that he will have an appearance in the tournament.

The fusion of Goku and Vegeta

Earlier, we discussed a theory that mentioned that Goku and Gohan could possibly fuse in the tournament of power. [VIDEO] This theory was directly related to the end credits, so it seemed to be a strong one.

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To support this theory, it was stated that the rules do not prevent two warriors from joining their bodies, as long as there is no additional help like the Potara earrings to achieve this union.

Certainly, the rules state that Goku and Vegeta could not unite and form Vegetto in order to face Jiren since they require the Potara to do so.

Vegetto vs Jiren

Once analyzed the possible resurgence of the character, we must explain if the latter is a rival for Jiren. It is currently believed that Jiren is the mortal who has surpassed the power of a god of destruction. While there is no official data to support this, it is believed to be real since everything indicates that Jiren is this individual. Considering this, the appearance of Vegetto would be useless to defeat to Jiren, because it is known that Vegetto could equal the power of Beerus, but not to surpass him. Of course, this analysis of levels of power is speculative so it must be taken with discretion.

Reasons why Vegetto will not appear

There are several reasons why the merger of the pure Saiyans will not return. One of these is the time limit of their fusion. Unfortunately, Vegetto is not the same as he was in "Dragon Ball Z," that is, unlimited. This warrior has a time limit, which dramatically shortens when transforming into Super Saiyan blue. That fact alone makes the return of this popular fusion unlikely. However, even if Vegetto were to make a return, it is unlikely he would be able to compete against the power of Jiren.

In the past, in the fight against Zamasu, Vegetto overcame the fused antagonists. However, due to the time limit, the speed in which the super Saiyan blue drains energy and stamina, the fusion did not last 10 minutes, causing the plan to fail completely. Goku and Vegeta are not fools, and would not fuse once again to make such a mistake.

Personally, we would like to see Vegetto again, but not in canonical history, but in a film. We believe that a small but epic appearance in a movie would be the right thing for fans to see this beloved character again. To re-include him in the original story would be a mistake, because his skills, although surprising, can be counterproductive.