Dragon Ball Super” definitely has a lot of explosives coming amidst the highly-anticipated Tournament of Power, which is the highlight of its current Universal Survival Arc. One of the most-awaited parts of the battle royal is Goku’s impending brand new Super Saiyan transformation. It has been confirmed that the new form will debut once the hot-headed Saiyan fights against Universe 11’s strongest fighters, Jiren The Grey. Team Universe 7 already lost Krilin and Tenshinshan, leaving them with eight remaining fighters but an upcoming episode will showcase the betrayal of one of its team members [VIDEO].

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Betrayal is coming

Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of the synopsis [VIDEO] of an upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” episode on Twitter, which suggests that Frieza (as expected) will betray team Universe 7.

According to a teaser, the former Emperor Of Evil will suddenly turn his back on his team despite the pact he made with Goku. “As Gohan has a tough fight against the Yardratian Jimeze, Freeza comes running up,” reads the synopsis. “Just as it looks like he’s defeated Jimeze, Freeza suddenly declares he’s turned trailer: “Due to our shared hatred of the Saiyans, Frost and I have joined forces.” Gohan suddenly himself in a tight spot?!”

Looking at the “Dragon Ball Super” synopsis, it appears that Frieza did not look back at the reason why he was resurrected in the first place. We can fairly recall when Goku opted to a more risky decision by asking Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect the former emperor of evil for 24 hours to join the team. Goku and Frieza both agreed that if the latter helps the team to win in the Tournament o f Power, then he will breathe new life for good.

The rest of the team members did not agree to Goku’s last minute decision after Majin Buu fell into a ritual sleep that takes two months.

Frost and Frieza

“Dragon Ball Super” fans know that Frieza and Frost are two universal counterparts with the resemblance in so many ways. For those who have been following the franchise can recall when the two emperors talked and smiled at each other the first time they met. Although it’s not possible that they have developed a meaningful friendship (because both of them are simply heartless), the conspiracy possibility is strong. They both loathed the Saiyan race (we all know that) and given the timeline, the betrayal is certainly coming. What do you think?

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108 is titled "Frieza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!” It is slated to air on September 24. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more entertainment updates!