Dragon Ball Super” fans have been extremely thrilled with Goku’s impending brand new Super Saiyan transformation in the Tournament of Power. There have been several theories and speculations about the new form, but we haven’t learned much from the producers since they teased the form. On the plus side, we’ve seen how the new form looks like on Goku with his spiked-hair that remains black as well as his new silver eyes that appear to have mirrored Zamasu’s. We have thought that the new form might debut during the Saiyan’s highly-anticipated battle against Jiren.

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Now, it seems that it’s been confirmed [VIDEO].

When will the new form debut?

New spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super have been released, and Goku’s new form is confirmed to debut in Episode 109.

According to Otakukart Anime, Goku will try to protect his comrades from Frost’s attacks, but Ribrianne, the fusion fighter from Universe 2 will get in the way. What’s more interesting is that Jiren The Grey, the strongest fighter of Universe 11 will also do the same and Goku will be forced to release The Spirit Bomb. The Saiyan fighter learns his Kaio-Ken x 20 attacks won’t be enough to take down the Pride Trooper, so he decides to absorb the energy attack [VIDEO], which is not considered canon in the anime.

What can it do?

“Dragon Ball Super” experts like MaSTAR Media suggests that Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation is 50x multiplier over Super Saiyan Blue and not a fusion between SS Red and Blue. It also requires an emotional trigger, and it’s stronger than Universe 7’s God of Destruction Beerus.

According to Comic Book, the emotional trigger might happen when Frost kills Master Roshi. We know how important the Turtle Hermit is to the folks in Universe 7 like Goku, Gohan or Krillin. Despite his corrupt nature, his comrades owe him a lot as he was the one who trained them.

The Spirit Bomb

This energy attack that Goku will use in “Dragon Ball Super” for his new transformation was first introduced during “DBZ: Super Android 13.” It can be recalled when he transformed into Super Saiyan while absorbing a Spirit Bomb. The attack was so powerful that Goku became unconscious of his surroundings. Future Trunks also used this during his fight with Fusion Zamasu in creating the Sword of Light. Apparently, the energy was so powerful that he managed to defeat his opponent.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 109 will showcase the highly-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren The Grey. It is set to air on October 8 during the anime’s one-hour TV special.