Today, the first images of Chapter 28 of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga were released -- showing Beerus. Beerus appears to be the most powerful god among the 12 existing universes, being even stronger than the gods of the destruction of higher universes.

The charismatic god of our universe appears to be the most powerful among the 12 existing universes, being even stronger than the gods of the destruction of higher universes. This we know thanks to the released images of the manga that you can now see.

Official images

As you can see, in the first image we see a scene that was revealed many months ago in the trailer that promoted this saga. In this image, we see the Zenos, Daishinkan, Goku with the gods of destruction and Kaioshins in front.


In the following panels, we see the 11 gods of destruction surround Beerus and are ready to attack. The incredible thing about this is that Beerus is not impacted by any attack, being able to dodge them easily and while confronting 11 gods of destruction at the same time.

Even Geen, god of the destruction of universe 12 does not manage to land any blow against Beerus, although it was believed that Geen was the most powerful destroyer, god.

Is Beerus the most powerful?

Everything indicates that Beerus is the most powerful destruction, god of all since he can battle with all his Hakaishin colleagues without problems. This means that the difference of fighting power between him and the other gods is great.

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However, we have not yet seen the full manga, so it would be hasty to claim that he is indeed the strongest, yet the battle scenes show a clear superiority of Beerus to the others. After seeing these panels we can currently say that the god of universe 7 has an advantage in power over the other gods.

On another topic, everything indicates that the preparations for the tournament of power will start in this chapter of the manga. We do not know if we will see Goku doing recruitment, as we saw in the anime, but it is very likely that the stories stay very similar up to when he is reunited with Frieza, in addition to seeing many changes with respect to the animated version.

The last curious fact is that we still do not see the gods in their formal dress, as they will surely be used when the tournament starts.


This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, I will publish it immediately. For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.