A few hours before its release some images were revealed regarding episode 106 [VIDEO] of "Dragon Ball Super." This chapter will feature Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Goku, and Vegeta. These fighters from Universe 7 will fight against a tough opponent they cannot see or detect.

New images

In the first image, we see Gohan and Picollo hiding in the debris on the battle platform.

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This image may not be what it seems, as they may be getting up after an attack. In this image they are hidden, preparing for a future attack. In the next image, we see Goku [VIDEO] preparing to unleash a Kamehameha.

It's possible that this image corresponds to the scene where he launches the Galick Gun attack with Vegeta. In another image, the scene is similar to that of Goku, only this time it is Vegeta who is about to launch one of his most powerful techniques. We also believe that this image of the Saiyan Prince is prior to the combined attack with Son Goku. Finally, we have an image of Tenshinhan using his iconic technique known as "Kikoho." It is rumored that Tenshinhan will play a key role in this episode. It is believed that he will use a technique of vital importance to detect the presence of the invisible enemy.


The episode will focus on a unique, difficult enemy that seems to be invisible. Gohan and Piccolo will have serious problems with this unknown assailant. This enemy is not only invisible, but it also cannot be detected.

Everything indicates that there are two warriors that have this ability, giving Universe 7 more problems. Eventually, Goku, Vegeta, and Tenshinhan will join the fight to help Gohan and Piccolo. Universe 7 will unite to defeat this tough adversary.

It is currently unknown at this time if more characters such as the androids, Master Roshi, Frieza and others will participate. That said, it would be a good idea to involve the evil emperor a little more in the plot of the tournament given that his participation in the Tournament of Power has been limited at best. However, it is unlikely that the tyrant will have a great deal of involvement in this chapter. If there is more news, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.

To recap, Chapter 106 will be released on September 2 and will feature Picollo and Gohan fighting against an invisible opponent that will cause problems for them. Universe 7 will unify to defeat this tough adversary. You can catch the all-new episode of "Dragon Ball Super" on Crunchyroll.