Dragon Ball Super” is already at its pinnacle of Tournament of Power with two universes already annihilated by the Omni-King. Right now, fan-favorite team Universe 7 has seven remaining warriors after Krillin, Tenshinhan and Master Roshi’s defeat during their battles. Both the first two Earthling warriors’ respective defeat was embarrassing after they were caught off guard by their opponents. However, the Turtle Hermit’s recent fight against Universe 6 such as Magetta and Frost was certainly impressive, which finally made Beerus commend the older fighter.

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Despite his elimination, the U7 God Of Destruction was impressed with how he managed to fight against his opponents regardless of being worn out.

Beerus was impressed with the Turtle Hermit

Beerus was annoyed with Krillin and Tenshinhan when the two Earthlings were defeated but not with the Turtle Hermit this time.

Instead, he was impressed with the older fighter and made him feel like he was the real MVP in his battle against the Universe 6 warriors during Dragon Ball Super Episode 107. “My opinion of you has improved, Master Roshi,” the U7 God of Destruction told him and even branded him with his real title and not just the usual “old guy.” Frost was already tasked by Kaioshin Fuwa to take down one Universe 7 warrior, which he quickly agreed in an exchange of wiping out his committed crimes. In addition, he will also receive a financial aid so he can start his own business.

In “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107, Frost targeted the already injured Master Roshi in a hope to take him down easily. However, the Turtle Hermit didn’t give him an effortless fight as the older fighter used the Mafuba or the Evil Containment Wave in an attempt to seal him away.

Unfortunately, the old warrior failed to do such thing but tried it again when Vegeta suddenly stepped in. This time, Frost redirected the attack and used it to seal the prince of all Saiyans instead.

Master Roshi and Vegeta saved each other

Master Roshi was already in bad shape during “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107, but he still did his best to release Vegeta from being sealed. When the prince of all Saiyans noticed that the Turtle Hermit was already worn out, he asked the old master to oust himself of the tournament arena if he still wants to live. Reluctantly, he did what Vegeta advised him to and quickly went back to the stands, where Krillin gave him a Senzu bean to keep him alive. Apparently, Beerus was impressed and commended the older warrior for his heroism.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 108 is set to air on September 30. Episodes 109 and 110 will cover the highly-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren during the anime’s one-hour special. Stay tuned!