As Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power heats up, several theories and speculations have been making rounds on the Internet including one that suggests Goku will become a God Of Destruction. The Saiyan will finally go head-to-head with Universe 11’s strongest warrior, Jiren The Grey, once the anime returns next month from its week-long break. Their climactic battle is considered one of the most intense fights in the entire franchise although Goku doesn’t seem victorious in their brawl. Both Hit and Vegeta are expected to join in an attempt to draw Jiren’s attention away from the Saiyan fighter while he is recovering. Recently, a fan-made artwork was shared that shows the series’ main protagonist becoming a God of Destruction.


Will Goku become a god?

On Twitter, a Dragon Ball Super fan and artist shared his sketch of Goku as a God of Destruction. Although the artwork is in Japanese, Todd Blankenship helped fans to piece the drawing together and it looks like the Saiyan warrior is being shown turning into a god. The sketch started off with Goku and the Supreme Kai Shin’s headshots. However, as the illustration evolves, the Saiyan is shown sporting Lord Beerus’ God of Destruction attire as the Kai talks behind him.

Is it possible?

“It’s a what-if where Goku has become God of Destruction," Blankenship wrote on Twitter for the artwork’s English translation.

“Shin insists on calling him ‘lord,’ but Goku would prefer him not to.” Apparently, “Dragon Ball Super” fans are stoked with the idea that the show’s protagonist might become a god. Lord Beerus has previously hinted that the Saiyan fighter is powerful and strong enough to become a god although it doesn’t mean that the warrior can beat him down. He made it clear that the Saiyan and even Vegeta can be gods of the other universes because of their powers.

Goku’s formidable power

Goku is known to have tapped different Super Saiyan transformations before like SS Blue, God and more.


Now, he is set to debut his brand new form once his much-awaited battle against Jiren kicks off in October during the one-hour TV special of “Dragon Ball Super.” The Saiyan warrior will soon unleash the maximum level of his Kaio-Ken attack and Comic Book suggests that this might be the foundation of his new transformation. Unfortunately, the new form might be too overwhelming for him, which is the reason why he won’t succeed in beating Jiren. Even charging the Genki Dama or the Spirit Bomb doesn’t intimidate the Pride Trooper.

On the plus side, “Dragon Ball Super” is always up for more surprises and explosives. We’re pretty sure that the folks behind the popular anime series have something gnarly up their sleeves. Don’t miss the back-to-back episode on October 8!