Although it is still a month before the premiere of episode 109 [VIDEO], which will be a one-hour special, there is a lot of expectation for this episode, as several amazing events are supposed to take place. Before these events, we will see a Genkidama [VIDEO] and the beginning of the much-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren.

As is customary, information has been leaked regarding this special episode, which we will disclose below. This information is official, so it must be taken into account to understand better how this epic chapter will unfold.

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Official advance of chapter 109

The God of all universes, Zeno, decided to hold a tournament of power that pits ten warriors from eight different universes in a battle royal to fight each other.

Knowing that the losing universes will be eliminated by the king of everything, Goku enters the tournament to represent universe 7 along with nine other warriors. Among these are Frieza, Gohan, and Piccolo, among others.

Although Universe 7 has lost Krilin and Tenshinhan, they still have eight warriors remaining, as does universe 6. On the other hand, there is a total of 32 warriors left in the tournament.

As the universes fall, the god of destruction Beerus notices something strange about the number of people in universe 4. Meanwhile, Jiren, of universe 11, stands in the path of Goku. He then uses the Kaioken increased 20-times, but it does not have any effect against Jiren. After realizing this, Goku will use the ace up his sleeve.

Incredible revelations from the synopsis

This special summary reveals many interesting facts.

One of those facts is knowing that Vegeta will not be eliminated in the next episodes, discarding the theory of the end credits containing the order of elimination. Another interesting fact is that the universe 6 team will not have casualties until episode 109, so it seems the fight between Hit and Jiren will not happen. On the other hand, the universe 7 team will not have any casualties either.

The most interesting fact is that Goku will use the Kaioken increased 20-times against Jiren. This powerful technique will prove ineffective and force Goku to use what we believe will be Genkidama. Unfortunately, this will not work either, triggering his new transformation so that he can rival the powerful warrior of justice.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, I will publish it immediately.