A new episode preview was recently released, shedding more light on the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” The latest synopsis reveals that an unexpected turn of events is going to happen in Episode 108. One of the fighters of Universe 7 will betray the team. Ribrianne will be jealous of Goku and Gohan will be in a tight spot.

With the Tournament of Power nearing its end, more unexpected turns of events might be on the horizon. Who will get eliminated from Universe7 after Tien? Which universe will be totally erased in the multiverse? What is Goku’s new form? These are just some of the pressing questions that fans are itching to be answered.


The latest preview in Jump Magazine about Episode 108 of “Dragon Ball Super” is now out.


The ever-reliable Ken Xyro provided the latest translation from the Japanese text. The episode titled “Freeza and Frost! Two Evil Comes Together?!” will air on September 24. According to the synopsis, Gohan will have a tough fight with the Yardratian Jimeze of Universe 2. Jimeze will use his Instant Transmission technique making it hard for the younger Saiyan to defeat him. The synopsis also revealed that while Gohan fights, Frieza will be watching from a far.

Spoilers previously reported that when Goku’s son is about to defeat Jimeze, Frieza quickly enters the scene and makes an announcement. In Todd Blankenship’s translated spoilers several days ago, it was revealed that the villain from hell announced his partnership with Frost.


He claims that since both of them have the same hatred toward Saiyans, they decide to forge an alliance.

His announcement will put Gohan in a difficult spot according to the spoilers. Does this mean Frieza will send the younger Saiyan out of the arena and eliminate him in the tournament? With this new turn of events, fans are now wondering about the true motive behind Frieza’s participation in the Tournament of Power. It appears that the villain from hell is not banking on the reward Goku promised to him should Universe7 win the Tournament of Power.


Episode 108 will also show Goku fighting against the Universe 2’s warrior of love—Ribrianne. In the previous episodes, Ribrianne launched attacks to Android 17.


This time, she launches an attack on Goku through jealousy. Her Jealousy stems from the praises that god of destruction of Universe2 gives to Goku.

Meanwhile, Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air this weekend and will showcase the battle between Frost and Vegeta. Spoilers reveal that Vegeta might be temporarily trapped by Frost’s Mufuba. The action is getting intense in the coming episodes of the popular anime series.