The Dragon Ball frenzy continues with Dragon Ball Super returning. We are dropping major spoilers from its 107th episode after the hiatus. We suggest you watch the new episode before reading this article.

So much for Master Roshi being just a pervert in Goku’s squad in “Dragon Ball Super,” as he is still an important member of Goku's squad. Even though the old man was just someone who frequently drops hilarious comments in the show, the fact that he trained Goku and Krillin is enough to remind us that he is not just a weakling in “DB Super."

Master Roshi leaving ‘Dragon Ball’ tournament?

Unfortunately, the recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” ended with Master Roshi leaving the Tournament of Power.


But the fight against him and Frost was a reminder that old guys can still kick in spite of a growing white beard.

When Master Roshi and Frost stood against each other, Frost had a lot to say while the master had a lot to punch. The villain was expecting a win, knowing that Roshi was damaged in his previous battle at Universe 4. The joke is on him though. Using the remaining energy, the master was able to perform two Evil Containment Waves. It resulted in the release of Vegeta and the satisfaction of many fans.

Vegeta spoke to the old master, informing him that he needs to be disqualified from the tournament to live longer. At first, it seemed like Roshi leaving the arena would be the last of him, thankfully, Krillin immediately delivered the Senzu Bean to his mentor.


What happens now that Goku’s team members are fewer?

The number of members on Goku’s squad is slowly reducing. Having one powerful master getting ousted means someone or everyone in the team must upgrade themselves to continue in the Tournament of Power.

The show also revealed two Namekians in Universe 6. Saoneru and Pirina were featured as tough and stoic, ready for a battle anytime soon. The green-colored fighters are the first to be introduced from Universe 6.

Picollo – who is also a Namekian – might just fight against the duo in the next episodes. The Tournament of Power always lets their fighters brawl at their best. Watching Picollo fuse and absorb his kind is going to be a winning fight for him unless they turn out to be more than what we expect.


On the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” Freeza sacrifices his membership on his team to aid Frost after his loss against Master Roshi. Gohan will face the pair who wants to win badly for the sake of their pride. Stay tuned for more updates about the hit anime series!