Dragon Ball Super” aired its 108th episode this weekend. The recent episode showcased the unexpected annihilation of Frost when the mighty warrior violated one of the rules in the Tournament of Power. This came as a shock to many fans, who took to social media to respond to the Universe 6 fighter’s sudden obliteration. Apparently, Frieza and Frost’s expected conspiracy did not take place as the former betrayed the annihilated warrior instead. To prove his supposed loyalty to the U6 warrior, he planned a battle against Gohan. This proved to be effective as Frost even disobeyed the tournament rules. However, fans still want to see more of Gohan fighting the resurrected villain.

Gohan vs. Frieza

BeforeDragon Ball Super” episode 108 was aired, a preview photograph was released showcasing Frieza smirking at someone (presumably Gohan) who was in an intense battle against Jimeze.


Fans were looking forward to the former Emperor Of Evil’s betrayal, but that never happened. To attest that he is true to his plan on betraying his team, the resurrected villain went on to fight Gohan following his backbreaking battle with Jimeze. Frieza then transformed into his golden form and attacked the half-Saiyan fighter and knocked him unconscious.

It was all for show

Despite his ultimate transformation, Mystic Gohan was easily taken down by Frieza’s attack, which alarmed many fans. Fortunately, “Dragon Ball Super” episode 108 went on to explain that everything that happened between the two Universe 7 fighters was staged. Gohan only faked his knockout to help the resurrected baddie succeed in his plan to take down Frost, which surprised most of the fans.

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However, the former emperor of evil also confessed that he can kill the half-Saiyan fighter if the need arises. Obviously, there was still a hint of a good ‘ole Frieza during that staged battle.

Goodbye, Frost

When Frieza told Frost that he is definitely not conniving with an amateur like him, the Universe 6 warrior sent the resurrected baddie a deadly attack from the stands. This was because Frieza turned him down and even betrayed him. However, it was a wrong move as the Omni-King quickly wiped out his existence that sent fans into a frenzy. It was clearly the first time that the deity annihilated one specific warrior and not the entire universe.

“Dragon Ball Super” still has a lot to offer in the coming weeks.


The highly anticipated battle between Jiren and Goku will be showcased in episodes 109 and 110 during the anime’s one-hour special. Fans will also discover the name of the Saiyan warrior’s new Super Saiyan transformation.