Yesterday a rumor appeared on social media that the special episode of "Dragon Ball Super," set to premiere on October 7th, would feature good animation. Not only will it show us the new transformation of Goku, but Vegeta would have a new one. Other details such as the imminent defeat of Hit at the hands of Vegeta and the defeat of Toppo at the hands of Golden Freiza were also discussed.

However, this rumor has been analyzed correctly, and we will discuss what is real and what is not.

Will Goku show his new transformation?

The most powerful Saiyan of the seventh universe will reveal his new transformation before the presence of all the gods. However, the rumor that Vegeta would also show an even more powerful transformation is completely false. Even Herms confirmed that most of these rumors on Twitter are completely false.


Will Hit and Dr. Rota be eliminated?

According to the synopsis of episode 106 of 'Dragon Ball Super', Dr. Rota would have a casual confrontation against Piccolo and Gohan. However, the battle would not conclude between the two, since, seconds later, Rota would be defeated by a strange warrior from the second universe with shooting qualities in the style of a sniper, being able to hide his ki, thus eliminating anyone who stands in the way.

For this reason, the doctor will be eliminated very soon.

Regarding Hit, the legendary assassin from the sixth universe, will have a showdown against Vegeta. According to one of the scriptwriters of the series, he affirms that both would will have an intense battle, but at the moment it is not yet known who is the strongest.


In past episodes, Hit was much stronger, but now Vegeta has had more difficult workouts that have made him a subject with a higher level, perhaps enough to beat the legendary killer, although this is not confirmed at the moment.

Will the animation be good?

Not only good, it will be great. It is known that it will have exclusive participation from the same animator who participated in the creation of episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super, considered the most beautiful episode in terms of animation, that fight of Goku against Freezer left more than one with open mouths.

"Dragon Ball Super" is an anime produced by Toei Animation, which began airing on July 5, 2015.

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