“Days of Our Lives” spoilers have been running rampant for weeks. As November sweeps preparation has begun, things in Salem are about to get crazy. According to a report by Soaphub, Brady will be seen receiving the “best news” of his life. He has been flooded with different kinds of problems since the past couple of episodes. There might be chances that his life will take an about turn. Nicole will be seen having a difficult time fighting off her feelings for Eric. But this doesn’t stop her from supporting Brady. Her love for Brady stems from fear too.

Brady’s jealousy has no boundaries, which has only scared Nicole off more. Therefore, she puts in efforts to make Brady feel secure about their love. The show is going to take some twists and turns.

Good news for Brady

Nicole is still in the situation of getting over her feelings for Eric. She is doing all that she can to please Brady. In a time like this, Eric has quit his job at The Horton Centre. Following which, he has decided to leave Salem altogether. While this news comes across as sad for Nicole. Nonetheless, she decides to share it with Brady. She knew that it would bring peace to his mind and it did. Whether this is enough for Brady to now feel more secure about his love with Nicole, is something that will unravel with time.

Eric is lost

Eric (played by actor Greg Vaughan) is completely lost at the moment. His love life, which turned out to be a mess, has negatively impacted most of the other aspects as well. His mother, Marlena (played by actress, Deidre Hall) senses that there is something wrong with Eric. She thus begins questioning him about the feelings he has for Nicole.

Marlena is an expert therapist and therefore, assumes that it will be easy for her to understand whatever Eric is going through.

Abigail disturbed by Dario’s involvement

According to a report by TV Overmind, Justin (played by actor Wally Kurth) will be seen telling Abigail (played by Marci Miller) that Dario’s (Jordi Vilasuso) will be required for the annulment to get through.

This throws Abigail off-guard. Dario has disappeared since long. Therefore, it has become difficult for her to track him down. She is being accompanied by Chad (played by Billy Flynn) to search for him. Time is running out for Abigail – will they be able to search for Dario before it’s too late? Only time will tell. Dario is currently under witness protection. Thus, it is impossible to get to him.