The first part of the Code Geass trilogy film teased a new promotional video and poster available on the anime’s official website. The trailer revealed some scenes that will appear in the movie, while Lelouch vi Britannia and other characters appeared in the new poster with a blazing fire background.

New poster and trailer feature the protagonists

Besides Lelouch, the poster specifically featured Suzaku Kururugi, Kallen Kozuki, C.C., Nunnally vi Britannia, Cornelia Ii Britannia, Darlton Andreas and Jeremiah Gottwald. Suzaku is Lelouch’s childhood friend who believed that the Britannia Empire was not worth serving. Nonetheless, he aided them during battles, hoping that the empire’s way of doing things could be changed and improved.


Karen seemed to feel the same way as Suzaku because she became a member of a resistance group against Britannia. Despite the criticism, the empire continuously ruled the way they wanted and captured C.c. She is the immortal girl who can grant the power called Geass which allows its users to influence people’s minds through their thoughts, memory, and perception. The trailer via YouTube also featured the protagonists and teased a few scenes that will be included in the upcoming first film. It previewed Lelouch as Zero who executed his plan to bring down the Britannian Empire with his most trusted comrades.

More details about the film and new spin-offs

The plot of the original anime series centered on Lelouch who sought revenge and started to lead a rebellion group against the Britannian Empire.

Advertisement further stated that the main protagonist masked his identity as he led the rebels and used the Geass bestowed by C.c. As the TV anime gained success, it inspired several film adaptations including the newest trilogy: “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – The Awakening Path,” "The Rebellion Path,” and "The Imperial Path.” The first film will premiere on October 21, 2017, followed by the second film that will screen in February 2018 and the third film that will show in May 2018.

The anime will also launch two new spin-offs this coming fall. They are titled “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion- Lancelot & Guren” and “Code Geass Story Fragment – Piece of the Mosaic," reported Anime News Network.


The first spin-off revolved around the stories of Suzaku and Kallen while the second one would focus on the lives of its six protagonists.

The original TV series debut in Japan in 2006 while its second season premiered in 2008. AdultSwim also aired the anime in North America in 2008 while Bandai Entertainment released the series home video. In 2013, Funimation licensed the anime that will have a sequel project for its TV series.