The official synopses from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for episodes 24 through 27 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” are out. After the conclusion of the mother-daughter arc, Sarada wants to become the Hokage. The scoop also explores the School Trip to the Hidden Mist Village where Boruto and others will train. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episodes.

Episode 24 spoilers

The episode titled “Boruto and Sarada” shows five Kage from different villages and they have gathered in Konoha for a summit.


Meanwhile, Boruto is up with another mischief as he paints on the Hokage sculpture’s face. Later, he is scolded for his act. Elsewhere, Sarada decides that she will become the Hokage and it is her new goal. She decides to train harder to gain more progress out of her training. This episode is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Wednesday, Sept. 13 on TV Tokyo.

Episode 25 scoop

This installment is titled “The Adventurous School Trip!!” and it takes Boruto and other students to the Hidden Mist Village located in the Land of Water for a field trip.

The village is full of life, and Boruto is shocked when he learns from Kagura, the tour guide, that the village was once called The Village of the Bloody Mist. The students of the community were known to kill each other. However, the village has few mist ninjas who remain dissatisfied with the society’s current state. Episode 25 will air on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Boruto vs. Kagura

In Episode 26 of the anime series, the field trip continues, and Boruto and his buddies visit The Hidden Mist Village’s ninja academy.


They are guided by Chojuro, who is the sixth Mizukage. The swordsmanship is given utmost importance in the Hidden Mist Village, and Boruto is excited about his daily training lessons. Meanwhile, Chojuro suggests that Boruto and Kagura should go for a sparring match. Episode 26 will air on TV Tokyo on Wednesday, Sept. 27. The installment is called "The Next Mizukage."

Hachiya kidnaps Denki

Hachiya abducts Denki in Episode 27 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” Hachiya, who was Kagura’s classmate in the academy, has kidnapped Denki to lure Boruto and others.

To save Denki, Boruto teams up with Kagura, and they follow Hachiya. However, they are ambushed by a team of ninjas. But, Kagura reveals a startling fact to Boruto at that moment. This installment is called “Shinobi Bout of Classmates, ” and it will air on Wednesday, Oct. 4.