The Five Kage Summit is planned in the village, and everybody is excited except Boruto. He has plans to have fun with the Hokage monument ahead of the summit in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Season 1, Episode 24.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Episode 24 recap

The episode starts off with Naruto inspecting the tree that has survived the battle that destroyed just about everything. But, he has to get ready for the summit. The Five Kage will be arriving. Meanwhile, in the training hall, the kids are practicing and training.


Metal and Iwabe are sparring over who is the strongest among the Five Kage.

For Boruto, the Five Kage Summit is not a big deal. According to him, it is a bunch of old people meeting up in the village. Meanwhile, other students are astonished by Sarada’s skill. She announces that she is going to become the Hokage. Boruto confronts her saying that she was the one who disliked the ninjas now what changed her mind.

Mitsuki thinks Boruto and Sarada make a nice couple. Cho-Cho is about to reveal Sarada’s secret that she has the Sharingan, but Sarada manages to stop her. Later, she tells her that it is not the right time to reveal that she has the Sharingan, she must master it and then show Boruto her powers.

Boruto on a graffiti mission

Boruto reveals his plan to make a masterpiece on the Hokage monument. But, his friends think that it is a risky plan as the security will be stricter. Boruto wants Inojin to help as he is good at art, but he bails out. So, Boruto will have to execute the plan alone.

Arrival of the Five Kage

Amidst great pomp and joy, the Five Kage arrive. The first one to come is the Fifth Raikage Darui followed by the Sixth Mizukage, Chojuro. The Fourth Tsuchikage arrives, and legends have it that she didn’t even flinch when confronted by 100,000 Zetsu.

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Finally, the Kazekage, Lord Gaara arrives.

People are excited as they welcome them. Later, they go for a private meeting, and Naruto tells them about the new enemy. He tells them that their shinobi world is about to face another danger. Danzo Shimura who caused the Nue incident, and Shin Uchiha, who he fought have something common, and it is related to a parallel dimension. Kaguya, the one he and Sasuke sealed back then, had a scary army behind her. Kaguya and the White Zetsu army are mighty.

Naruto reveals that the White Zetsu army was created way before the shinobi were born in this world.

After an investigation, it is revealed that an existence even more dangerous than Kaguya will arrive in this world in this time. The Five Kage are unsure if the current generation of warriors can take down the new threat, but Naruto has faith in them as he saw Sarada and Boruto fight.

Boruto vs. Sarada

Towards the end of Episode 24 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Boruto is at the Hokage monument, and Sarada confronts him. She wants him to respect the monument, but they end up fighting. At the end of the battle, Boruto shakes hand with her, but disappears and starts painting the monument.


The Five Kage learns about the graffiti and Naruto is embarrassed. Watch “Boruto Naruto Next Generations” Season 1 episodes online on FUNimation and Crunchyroll.