After Naruto's badass "Calm down, Kurama" moment, it looks like Boruto and his friends will be setting off on a journey in the succeeding episodes of the anime as the synopses for episodes 24-27 have been dished out. The young Uzumaki alongside his friends are bound to do some training, though it is expected that there will be trouble once they get there.

Yonkou Productions (@YonkouProd) recently took to Twitter to reveal what's next in "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." Anime buff Ken Xyro (@KenXyro) then tweeted a translated version of the post as the upcoming episodes suggest that the young protagonist and his crew will be heading to a village in the Land Of Water.

Boruto into graffiti trouble

Per the recent post, "Boruto's" Episode 24 dubbed "Boruto and Sarada" will feature Konoha hosting a summit as it will be attended by five kages of nearby villages.


The upcoming episode is also set to feature Sarada [VIDEO]'s decision to become the next Hokage as she wanted to progress more on her current training. Meanwhile, Boruto will be in a whole lot of trouble as he will be seen putting on some nasty graffiti on Konoha's Hokage face sculptures.

Shinobis on tour

Episode 25 - "The Adventurous School Trip!!" - is bound to feature Boruto and his friends on a field trip as they head towards the Hidden Mist Village that is situated in the Land of Water. Boruto will soon find out through their tour guide Kagura that the place was once named the Village of the Blood Mist as history suggests that students from that village killed off themselves. They will also soon discover that some ninjas on that village are not happy with current state of their town.


Sparring session

The next installment - "The Next Mizukage" - is the episode where Boruto and the other young ninjas finally reached their destination which is the ninja academy of the Hidden Mist Village. They then discovered that the school's fighting style is mainly focused on swordsmanship making Boruto even more hyped to learn their ways. Chojuro then pitched in the idea of Boruto-Kagura sparring match.

Kagura's revelation

Episode 27, entitled "Shinobi Bout of Classmates," may well seem to be the most interesting among the recently released synopses as it will showcase Kagura revealing something about a "surprising fact." Prior to this, Denki will be abducted by Hachiya as part of a plan to lure out Boruto and the other shinobis.


The plan seemed to work out as both Boruto and Kagura are hot on the trail. However, other enemy ninjas ambushed them as they all attacked simultaneously. Check out a video about "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" below.