After Sakura was kidnapped by Shin and his clone children, Sarada declared that she would rescue her mother. “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Season 1, episode 23 starts off from where episode 22 concluded. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the recently aired episode.

Let’s save mama

Episode 23 starts with Sarada, Cho-Cho, Sasuke, and Naruto on their way to Shin’s hideout. During the journey, Sarada wonders how her dad Sasuke feels about her mom. She wonders what happened between the two of them. But she realizes that she can save all the thinking for later as her priority is to save her mother.

Meanwhile, Sakura is surrounded by Shin’s clones. He announces that he is the only one who can carry out the wishes of Itachi and carry on the Uchiha name.


His aim is to resurrect the Akatsuki and start conflict throughout the world again. But, Sakura tells him that his wishes will never come true as she will take him down.

Sakura vs. Shin

Sakura launches an attack against Shin. She tells him that she will not let him go after her loved ones. Meanwhile, Sasuke and others reach the hideout. But the clones are ready to confront them. The clones announce that the father (Shin) has ordered them to kill the intruders. Meanwhile, Sarada enters the cave leaving behind Sasuke, Naruto, and Cho-Cho. Naruto asks Sasuke to go with Sarada.

Cho-Cho wants Naruto to eliminate the clones but he will not kill them as they addressed Shin as “father.” Meanwhile, in the cave, Sakura is fighting against Shin’s knife attack.

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At one point, she is pierced by two knives. Since Shin can manipulate the knives remotely, he attempts to inflict maximum damage but, before he can kill Sakura, Sasuke arrives and saves her.

Attack of the clones!

Sasuke is ready to take down Shin, but one of the clones stands between him and his opponent. Sasuke warns him that he will not think twice before killing so he must move aside as he has no quarrels with him. But, he is adamant to protect his father at all cost. As Sasuke raises his sword to strike the clone down, Shin spears the clone and Sasuke. Shin calls them weak because parental feelings have oppressed them.

Sakura attempts help Sasuke, but Shin warns her off. However, Sasuke and Sakura execute a perfectly coordinated attack to knock out Shin.


Meanwhile, the clones sense that they are being called and they assemble beside Shin temporarily. Towards the end of the episode, Sarada finds out that Sakura is her real mother and the umbilical cord used during the experiment was from Sakura. Sasuke, Sarada, and Sakura finally reunite as a family.

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