Now that Uchiha Shin is gone and dusted by his very own clones,Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to go into a change of scenery. Fans of the spin-off series will see more of the Hidden Mist Village that played a huge role in the parent series’ storyline. Though the place was introduced earlier in the franchise, fans didn’t get to see the actual settlement. This time, Boruto and the gang will visit the famous village which was once called as the “Village of the Bloody Mist.” What adventures await our young heroes in this new and unfamiliar place?

Turbulent school trip!

As part of their learning experience, Boruto and the rest of the students in the Academy will go on an educational field trip to the Hidden Mist Village.


The youngsters will find the newly reformed Kirigakure far from its old image as a dangerous and bloody place where students are forced to kill each other to graduate. Instead, the new Hidden Mist followed Konoha and evolved into a bright and energetic place.

According to the official synopsis of the episode, someone named Karatachi Kagura will serve as their tour guide, and he will accompany them on their trip.

The kids will be awestruck as they venture across the settlement. However, trouble seemed to follow Boruto wherever he goes as there are few ninjas of Kirigakure that are dissatisfied with how things are going in the village.

Kagura and Yagura

As soon the post credits preview was aired, some eagle eyed fans began to speculate on who is the ninja named Karatachi Kagura. In Reddit, a user named insuido mentioned that Kagura bears a striking resemblance to the Fourth Mizukage and Kiri’s Jinchuriki, Yagura.


Both of them have pink pupil-less eyes and a vertical scar that runs down on their left cheek. Their names are also similar which we can imply that they are related in some way.

As we all know, Yagura is one of the greatest ninjas of his time, but he is also attributed to many controversies in their village. Yagura’s rule as the leader of the Hidden Mist was known to have no tolerance for any form of treachery. Furthermore, he also started the gruesome graduation ritual where young ninjas are pitted against each other to the death.

However, it turns out that Madara Uchiha just manipulates him for the Uchiha's personal goals.

Kagura may have been related to the Mizukage, and he is one of the ninjas dissatisfied with Kiri as it is now. Maybe Kagura sees that Kiri during the reign of Yagura is the ideal Hidden Mist where every nation feared them. It is just a speculation, but it seems that he will stir up some trouble in the village while Boruto and the gang are visiting. For now, let’s just wait and see how things will turn out in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” that airs every Wednesday on Crunchyroll.