Boruto: Naruto Next Generations opted for a change of scenery in the past episode when Boruto and his classmates went to the Hidden Mist Village, which was once known as the ‘Village of the Bloody Mist.’ So far, the notorious village has impressed the visiting students with its bustling environment and modernized buildings. However, amidst the peaceful facade, there is trouble brewing that will entangle our young heroes. In another story, there are rumors among the fans that a newly introduced character was the son or somehow related to a former Mizukage.

Kagura is Yagura’s son?

The fourth Mizukage or Yagura was one brilliant ninja who rose the ranks and became a kage of their village at a young age.

Yagura also mastered his tailed beast almost instantly, making him a perfect Jinjuriki. Though the Mizukage was insanely strong, he succumbed to Obito’s genjutsu, making him a puppet that commits horrible deeds.

In the spin-off series, a new character was introduced that was named Kagura Karatachi. Just by looking at Kagura, anyone familiar with the franchise can immediately tell how he looked very similar to the deceased Mizukage. Both of them sport similar short messy hair styles that fell on the right side of their heads. Additionally, both of them have pink pupil-less eyes and a stitch-like scar that runs down their left cheek. They even have the same color for their garments with green and grey motif, and Kagura was even in the running to be the next Mizukage, which further strengthened the fan’s theory.

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Boruto vs. Kagura

As part of the Konoha field trip, Boruto and the rest of the class will go to the Kirigakure’s Academy and observe their training routines. According to the episode guide, Boruto will be fascinated by the activities of the Hidden Mist Village students, which focused more on swords. The sixth Mizukage will also be present to accompany the students personally, and he will suggest a sparring match between Boruto and Kagura.

As of now, we don’t have anything on Kagura that can describe how strong he is, but he must be very competent if he a close aide of Chojuro and even the successor of Hiramekarei. For now, it’s anyone’s game, and we will have to wait and see how the battle between the two will turn out. Additionally, there are some speculations that Kagura is not the good guy that he made us believe and he is actually an extremist who wants to bring back the Hidden Mist Village back to its bloody past.

Let’s wait and see for ourselves in the upcoming episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” this coming Wednesday on Crunchyroll.