After four weeks, the ongoing Naruto Gaiden Arc’ of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations draws to a close with the epic final battle between Shin Uchiha and the Team 7 members. Sarada finally received some closure on her doubts about her family and eventually found her goal in life to strive for. Despite the absence of the titular character, the second arc proved to be the better of the story lines so far, and with the series’ current direction, we can expect that more exciting things are coming.

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Beginning of the end of Shin

Episode 23 kicked off where the last episode left, and it turned out that the held captive Sakura doesn’t need saving at all.

After learning Shin’s story, motive and goals she leveled a portion of Shin’s hideout with her powerful Cherry Blossom Impact and engaged the enemy in battle. It seems that even after years of peace, Sakura hasn’t lost her touch in combat by gaining the upper hand. However, a Sharingan user proved to be a formidable foe where Sakura suffered some minor wounds from the barrage of Shin’s weapons.

Shortly afterward, the rest of Team 7 arrived at the battlefield with Sarada and Cho-Cho in tow that spelled disaster for the original Shin. Though it appears that Shin still got the advantage by stabbing Sasuke, Sakura delivered the final blow by delivering a mega punch to Shin’s face with the help of Sasuke’s Rinnegan. Furthermore, Shin came on the receiving end of his evolution philosophies when his ‘sons’ stabbed him simply because he was weak and defeated.

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However, a Sharingan-clad Sarada finally puts an end to his efforts.

All is well that ends well

With the original Shin out of the equation, the only ones that left are the army of little Shin clones in the hideout. Nevertheless, the problem was easily solved with a single display of dominance from Kurama that sent the clones shivering in fear. In hope for a better life for the clones, Naruto turned them over to Kabuto who now managed the orphanage.

After that has happened, Sarada finally realized the Sakura and Sasuke are her birth parents and the bond that they share is the testament of everything that she questioned. This was also confirmed when we got a clip of Orochimaru’s hideout where Karin was seen scolding Suigetsu for misleading Sakura. Karin explained that the umbilical cord was Sakura and Sarada’s and Karin is the one who delivered Sarada when Sakura was about to give birth.

All in all, the episode and the story arc as a whole provided a lot of fun and entertainment especially Cho-Cho when he found out that Choji reduced his weight in a small matter of time. The only problem is that Shin Uchiha pales in comparison to other villains of the series, but to be fair it is hard to imagine a villain that can go toe to toe with the current versions of Team 7. For the next arc, let’s just wait and see how “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” will turn out.