As the “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” closes the “Naruto Gaiden” Arc, a new one is about to come. However, before the anime proceeds to it, Episode 24 takes us back to the classroom.

Here’s a recap of “Boruto” episode 24: Sarada and Boruto.

Sarada versus Boruto

The episode takes us back to Konoha, where we finally get to see Shino’s class again. While practicing their shuriken throwing skills, Sarada starts talking about her dream. She proudly tells the girls that she wants to be a Hokage, but was immediately mocked by Boruto.

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Of course, the young Uchiha retaliates with another insult which caused the two to fight. However, Mitsuki suddenly appears and comments how the two make a good couple; this made the two young ninjas stop fighting.

After this, Boruto shares his plans to do graffiti with Shikadai and Inojin. Since it means trouble, both of the boys left Boruto by himself. On the other side, Sarada talks to Chocho about her Sharingan and ask to keep it a secret.

At their home, Sakura is busy unpacking. Sarada arrived and showed her mom the picture they took with Sasuke. It was a lovely photo of the complete Uchiha family which made Sakura very happy. Later in the day, Sarada trains with Chocho. However, in the middle of their training, Sarada suddenly falls from a tree but was saved by Konohamaru. Apparently, her Sharingan drains a lot of Chakra which caused her to fall. The two talked for a while, and after learning the girl’s dream of being a Hokage, he declares her as his rival.

Meanwhile, the Five Kage Summit starts with Naruto telling the other Kages about the result of Sasuke’s mission.

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Naruto shares their intel regarding a new enemy that might be connected to Kaguya. This made the Kages a little agitated, especially when the Hokage tells them that the enemy might be stronger than expected.

While their meeting was happening, Sarada spots Boruto about to paint the Hokage Rock. The two fought equally until Boruto tricks Sarada. He writes the words “idiot” and “stupid old man” to Naruto’s face which made all the Kages come out of the meeting. To get back at him, Sarada tries to cuts the rope securing his body to the rock. While they continue to argue, Mitsuki is seen looking at the two from above, commenting once again how they make a good couple.

Field trip to the hidden Mist

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” episode 25 will take the Konoha ninjas to the Hidden Mist village. According to the snippet, Boruto’s class gets into a lot of trouble as they encounter a new character. “Boruto” episode 25 will be titled “The Turbulent Field Trip.”