Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” finished the “Naruto Gaiden” arc in Episode 23. The manga about Sarada Uchiha's journey featured her real mother and the threat of Shin Uchiha. In the animeBoruto,” Shin, together with his children and clones, revealed that they were planning to fulfill Itachi’s dream and recreate Akatsuki - a plan that both Naruto and Sasuke want to prevent.

What happened in the last episode of the “Naruto Gaiden” arc?

Family reunited at least

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” opened with an amazing battle scene between Sakura and Shin. During the fight; Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada, and Chocho arrived at the enemy headquarters. Upon their arrival, Naruto and Chocho stayed outside to deal with the rest of the clones, while Sarada and her father went inside to find Sakura.


Inside the cave, the battle between Sakura and Shin continued. The medical ninja was stabbed by two blades on one arm, which caused her to stumble and fall. She was about to be attacked by Shin when her husband and daughter arrived to save her. In the next few scenes, viewers saw the Uchiha family working together to defeat the enemy. However, the elder Shin was defeated by the children; and not by the trio as a whole. With their new objective found, the rest of the Shin children tried their might with the gang, only to be stopped by Naruto.

After defeating all their enemies, Naruto decided to take all the Shin children to a Konoha. He gave the clones a place to stay where they could be taken care of and educated.

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This scene also revealed that the facility was run by Kabuto.

The episode ended with the Uchiha family finally reuniting. Before leaving the village again, Sasuke and Sarada showed how sad they were about the older Uchiha leaving. Sasuke then hugged her daughter after many years and gave his famous forehead poke - a symbol of love passed on from his brother, Itachi.

Episode 24 will feature Boruto and Sarada

After the credits, Boruto was seen beside Sarada, as he thanked her for delivering his father’s meal. The young Uchiha smiled and said that it was she who should be thankful. She then explained that because of the opportunity she was able to find her dream; to be a Hokage.

In the next episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” the Five Kages are heading to Konoha for a summit.


Boruto is planning to make a giant graffiti on the Hokage rock. However, Sarada will try to stop him. After discovering her dream, the young Uchiha is now set on her path and becomes more serious about her studies.”Boruto” episode 24 is titled “Boruto and Sarada.”