Characters from the Hidden Mist Village played a significant role in the main story of Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto” series where some of them served as powerful allies and evil villains. In the upcoming episodes ofBoruto: Naruto Next Generations,” the spin-off series will exploit more of Kirigakure, and the show will introduce two new characters that hail from the Land of Water. How will things turn out for Boruto and the gang with two new characters joining the fray? Will they become allies or enemies?

Hoshigaki Shisuma

One of the most popular characters that came from the Hidden Mist is the shark-like Hoshigaki Kisame of the notorious rogue ninja organization Akatsuki.

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This time, the show makers decide to give the nod to the Samehada-wielding ninja with the introduction of Hoshigaki Shisuma. According to the episode guide, Shisuma is also a member of the Hoshigaki clan, and he is in the same age group as Boruto and his friends.

Additionally, he seems to have his relative’s bloodlust as he yearns for the days when the Hidden Mist was still called as the Village of the Bloody Mist.

In the episode guide, we can see that Shisuma shares some of the peculiar traits of his Akatsuki relative. Both of them have gill-like markings below their eyes, and their eyes are similarly piercing. However, the youngster sports flowing locks, unlike Kisame’s short and spiky hairstyle.It seems that Shisuma and his relative share the same battle-addict style of Kisame.

Karatachi Kagura

A young ninja called Karatachi Kagura completes the list of the fresh characters, and just like Shisuma, his character design seems to be a nod to another character in the parent series.

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Kagura seems to mirror the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, where both of them shared the pink pupil-less eyes and the vertical scar that runs down their left cheek. According to the official synopsis for the next episode, Yagura will serve as the tour guide for Boruto and the other students of Konoha when they visit the Hidden Mist as part of their field trip.

Kagura’s character description tells us that he is working with Chojuro, the sixth Mizukage and he is aiming for a peaceful village. However, something is intriguing about Kagura because his similarity with Yagura brings a dark vibe to him. We all know that Chojuro, the sixth Mizukage and he is aiming for a peaceful village. We know that Yagura initiated the gruesome graduation ritual where students are pitted against each other to the death and that may have carried over the darkness to Kagura.

Additionally, the synopsis for episode 27 mentioned that Kagura has a big and shocking revelation hidden behind a surprising fact. Whether Kagura is an enemy or not, Boruto must tread carefully in dealing with the two new characters.

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” airs every Wednesday on Crunchyroll.