"Attack on Titan" season 3 is still a million miles away. Fans who are reading the manga are way ahead of those who wait for the new anime release. The manga is now focusing on showing what is inside Marley. Marley is still not introduced in the anime, but manga readers know that this place is significant in the series.

It's been a while since the manga released chapters that show Eren and his friends (except on flashbacks). We don't know what is happening in Paradis except the fact that Marley scouts never returned from their mission.

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We don't know what are they planning and when will they commence their plans. But while we are clueless about their next move, we know that Marley will issue an all-out attack on Paradis to retake the power of the Founding Titan.

But the Marleyan never knew that what they're trying to get is right on their home turf.

Another Paradis expedition

The military of Marley is planning for another expedition to reclaim the Founding Titan, Female Titan, Fighting Titan and the Colossal Titan. And because of this, Reiner will be forced to go back to the walls he used to call "home." As the only person who is aware of the real situation inside the walls, he is conflicted about his loyalty towards Marley and his guilt toward his friends in Paradis. He is about to take his life, but Falco, unaware that Reiner is inside the room, punched the wall out of frustration. Falco is frustrated because he cannot beat Gaby.

Falco ran away with no direction and ended up in the hospital where injured soldiers of war are being wasted. He then talked to a skinny man with dark a long dark hair.

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The man said words of encouragement for Falco. They became acquaintances. Before Falco leaves, the man, who is known as "Mr. Krueger" asks Falco a favor. Mr. Krueger gave Falco a letter that he needs to drop in the mail. It was not mentioned in the manga, but the latest chapter features Eren Yaeger spying inside Marley.

What's inside the letter?

Nobody knows what is inside the letter and nobody knows who was supposed to receive it. But because Eren sent the letter, it might be sent to other members of Survey Corps. The letter might be a signal for his teammates to commence with their plans. There is a possibility that not only Eren is inside Marley. It is possible that as soon as the team for the second Paradis Expedition left Marley, team Paradis will take this as a chance to attack the Marleyan Government.