After two weeks of waiting, "Dragon Ball Super" resumed, and to make up for the lack of episodes, episode 107 revealed a lot of shocking information.

Vegeta was almost thrown out of the ring by Frost. His demise was prevented by Master Roshi, but, aside from these events, some revelations may affect the outcome of the Tournament of Power. Here are the five things that we learned from episode 107.

1. Frost is not as strong as Frieza

This fact was shown when Vegeta was released from the Mafuba Jar. When he turned into his Super Saiyan Blue form, both Magetta and Frost were worried and scared because Vegeta is too powerful.

Vegeta destroyed what's covering Magetta's ear, and he proceeded to insult the metal man. Realizing that Magetta is unable to fight, Frost made a smokescreen and fled.


2. Mafuba can be reflected

It was never seen before in "Dragon Ball Super," but Mafuba can be reflected and avoided. Unfortunately, Frost [VIDEO] was the one who reflected the Mafuba, redirected the wave to Vegeta, and trapped the Saiyan Prince inside.

Master Roshi released Vegeta by breaking the jar with the last of his Ki. Since Master Roshi was eliminated, I doubt that we will see more of the Mafuba in the Tournament of Power.

3. Even Beerus is worried about the hidden Universe 4 warriors

Universe 4 is known as the "schemer universe" because they have creative ways to get an advantage for themselves in any battle. Because of this, Universe 4 warriors aren't the type to confront their enemies directly.


Universe 4 warriors are also known to have special abilities not known to other universes.

This is troubling to those from Universe 7, with the majority of U7 relying only on brute force. There is no Universe 7 warrior that can keep check of these hidden warriors now that Master Roshi is gone. They also can't rely on Frieza to look out for the missing warriors because of his alliance issues.

Even Whis and Beerus cannot detect the presence of these hidden warriors. This gives us a clue that the Great Priest is truly powerful. Just like what Whis said, there is an element of surprise for Universe 4 that will work to their advantage.

The Universe 4 warriors might make their move in a pivotal moment of the tournament.


4. Theories are only theories after all

Vegeta was rumored to be the next one to get eliminated in the Tournament of Power. But on the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super," he was saved by Roshi. He is very reckless, but he is also fortunate.

5. Jiren will now jump into the action

As seen on the latest episode, Jiren will start to show his true power. He has been conserving his power since the commencement of the tournament. But because his fight with Goku [VIDEO]is getting nearer, it is expected that we will see more of this Universe 11 Pride trooper.