The latest updates and spoilers for 'The Flash' solo movie will feature the appearances of Wonder Woman and Batman, as well as Warner Bros. Studios plans for the DCEU version of "Flashpoint."

Live-action 'Flashpoint' movie

Warner Bros. Studios announced that "The Flash" solo film will be called "Flashpoint" during their panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con event as fans will see the popular comic book storyline being adapted into the big screen.

"Flashpoint" in the DC comics will feature Barry Allen/The Flash waking up in an alternate timeline were in the Justice League was never formed and the world being plunged into war by the Atlanteans and the Amazons.

Barry will encounter alternate versions of his teammates such as Batman being Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce, Wonder Woman and Aquaman starting a war with each other, Cyborg as the world's premiered superhero and Superman being imprisoned by the United States government.

During the course of the story, Barry will team-up with Thomas to find the person responsible for the alternate timeline and stopping the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Barry encounters his nemesis Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and tells him that the Scarlet Speedster himself is responsible for Flashpoint after the latter saved his mother from being murdered, changing everyone's history by accident.

The 'Flashpoint' storyline was featured in the animated film, "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox" and in the third season of "The Flash" TV series.

It will be interesting to see how Warner Bros. will tackle the comic book story in "The Flash" solo film and fans are wondering if the events of the story will change the direction of the DC Cinematic Universe similar to "The New 52" era in the DC comics.

Gal Gadot and Jeffrey Dean Morgan added

As mentioned before, the DCEU version of "Flashpoint" will likely feature alternate versions Wonder Woman and Batman in the film.

According to Forbes, Gal Gadot's character will be added into "The Flash" movie as its main antagonist due to the success and popularity of her solo film.

The "Flashpoint" version of Wonder Woman is a ruthless warrior and Queen of the Amazons. She was supposed to unite her people with Aquaman and Atlantis, but her mother Hippolyta was killed during the treaty.

The Amazon's believed that the Atlanteans are responsible for the attack. It is also revealed that both Wonder Woman and Aquaman had an affair, which led to Queen Mera to attack the Amazon but was killed during their fight.

Mera's death served as the catalyst for the Atlanteans to start a war against the Amazons and plunged the entire world into chaos.

As for Batman, "The Walking Dead" actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan responded to the possibility of appearing the film along with her co-star Lauren Cohan. Morgan and Cohan played the role of Bruce's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Morgan posted several fan-arts of his character as Batman on Instagram, further teasing the possibility that fans will Thomas as the Dark Knight in the film. His version is darker and more brutal as he has no qualms about using guns and killing criminals.

Warner Bros. will release "Flashpoint" movie on 2020.