The news of a new transformation for Goku was unexpected, as Akira Toriyama surprisingly gave his main character a new form -- and with it, he can surpass the Gods of Destruction.

After the stir caused by the official image of Goku in his new form, we wonder if his eternal rival, Vegeta, could have a new transformation, as he has taken more of a prominent role in this new stage of the series. The Prince of the Saiyans has millions of fans in the world, so we do not rule out this possibility.

The new transformation of Vegeta

Vegeta follows in the footsteps of his rival, so the power difference is not a large one.


However, in the Majin Buu saga, the difference between them grew as Goku was able to overcome the power of the Super Saiyan 2, obtaining his third form, which left the prince behind.

Now in their current forms, Vegeta has been able to match Goku, even surpassing him at times. Currently, Goku has the edge in power compared to Vegeta simply because he has the Kaioken. Still, Vegeta does not give up.

In the manga, Goku used 100% of the power of the Blue Super Saiyan, which alienated him a lot from Vegeta. Later, in the 27th chapter of the manga, Vegeta also used this ability to fight Beerus, which brought his power closer to his rival.

Reasons why Vegeta will not have a new transformation

Sadly, for the millions of fans who love this character, we believe that Vegeta will not get a new transformation for the simple reason of not being the main character and not a favorite of the series creator.

Akira Toriyama mentioned in one of his many interviews that he designed and created Vegeta based on all aspects and attitudes that he hates. Knowing this, it is logical to deduce that Vegeta is one of the most disliked characters of his.


That being said, it doesn't seem likely that the prince will be sharing the spotlight with his rival with a new transformation. It should be clarified that this is just speculation, we do not know if Vegeta will get a new form.

This explanation is based on interviews with the creator of the series and our personal deductions, so it must be taken with discretion.

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