Taylor Swift, the American superstar, has had enough of her critics. Last year, she was called a snake for breaking up with Calvin Harris. She was also mocked for her feud with Kanye West. This year Swift was taken to court by a radio DJ. It seems as though the singer has finally had enough of all the mockery and judgment that is being sent her way. So how did she hit back? With just about the sassiest song you ever did see.

Swift released her new single titled "Look What You Made Me Do" last Thursday. The single is the first song off her soon-to-be-released album, "Reputation.

" On Sunday, she released the new music video for her latest single at MTV's Video Music Awards. If you can't make sense of all the doom and gloom in the music video, fear not, this is the explanation you've been looking for.

What does the video mean?

Swift's sassy new music video can be seen here. The feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West began in 2009, according to Refinery 29. The pair began their ongoing fight after West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. It is, therefore, no coincidence that Swift decided to release her newest video at this same event, years later.

At the start of the video, various versions of Taylor can be seen lying at her feet.

As disturbing as it may appear, Swift is actually using this video to show the death of her old self. She is no longer the cute country gal from 2009, nor the pop newbie from 2015. Swift stepped out with this new video to show her new self.

The video is also liberally sprinkled with throwbacks to moments in Swift's career. For example, the heavy presence of snakes is a clear reference to Swift's nickname from last year.

Swift was called a snake on social media after she and Calvin Harris broke up. Swift doesn't care anymore though. According to CNN, Swift's decision to include the snakes shows that she no longer cares about the critics. People can call her whatever names they want and she will rise above it.

References to other celebrities

Swift also takes quite a few digs at other celebrities during this video.

At one point the singer dresses up like Katy Perry and is seen holding a Grammy Award. This can be seen as Swift mocking Katy Perry for not having a Grammy. Later, Swift talks about getting "receipts" as evidence. Fans believe that this is a dig at Kim Kardashian. Swift is referring to how Kardashian came up with all sorts of "evidence" to support Kanye West in his battle against Swift.

Taylor Swift's new video implies a lot without explicitly saying anything. And it seems as though the singer is not speaking out on social media anymore either. Swift seems to have decided to let her music do the talking and her fans are most definitely not complaining!