"#Dragon Ball Super" is currently in the middle of its most exciting arc to date, the "Universe Survival" arc. As Universe Seven's heroes duke it out for the right to continue existing, the one that seems to be having the most fun is #Goku. After all, it was his idea to hold this tournament bringing together the strongest [VIDEO] warriors in all of creation. To be fair, he had no idea that the losers would be eradicated from time and space, but he would not necessarily have been too discouraged if he knew.

Goku is seen as a sort of Superman character, especially for Western audiences. During "Dragon Ball Z" he stood for justice and protecting the innocent, a true hero of the people.

The Japanese version was more in line with the Goku seen in "Dragon Ball Super," a fighter that occasionally happens to save the world.

Today, we are going to point out a few moments in "Dragon Ball Super" were Goku forgot that he was meant to be a hero.

The fight vs Beerus

Beerus is the God of Destruction, so it was kind of obvious what might happen when he arrived on Earth. As Vegeta had first-hand experience with the powerful feline, he went out of his way to try and keep him happy. In those embarrassing moments, the #Saiyan Prince genuinely had the world's best interest at heart.

On the other hand, Goku really wanted to fight Beerus. Although he had nothing to do with the God deciding to blow up the planet, as that was all Majin Buu, the Saiyan was ecstatic that he had another chance to duke it out with the powerful fighter.

At one point, King Kai tells both of them that if they continue to power up, the entire universe could end up being destroyed. With so much on the line, does Goku take a minute to re-think his strategy? No. He powers up even more and before Beerus. If the Universe might be blown up, might as well go all out.

Going easy on Goku Black

Goku Black ended up being one of the highlights of "Dragon Ball Super" so far. The entertaining villain not only looks like our hero but it capable of learning new moves while fighting. The first time they fought, Goku had his number. Sure, it was far from an easy fight, but Black could have easily been overwhelmed.

Like always, the Saiyan is more interested in having a fair fight than getting the job done. He wanted to see just how far his new opponent can develop. Although he is willing to kill someone, if need be, Goku tends to require that the villain be at his absolute peak. Otherwise, it is simply not entertaining enough. Honestly, Black was nothing more than a shiny new toy to be played with by our hero.

Obviously, holding back proved to be a dire mistake.

Goku orders a hit on himself

The last one is the least offensive, as the only one in physical danger was himself. "Dragon Ball Super" has done a brilliant job of introducing memorable new antagonists, with Hit being one of the best. After their little fight during the "Universe Six" arc, Goku is so desperate for another fight that he orders a hit on himself from the super assassin.

He just about survives, but this again shows how little the Saiyan thinks about his family and friends. It did not once occur to him how hurt Gohan or Krillin would be if he ended up six feet under. Okay, it is "Dragon Ball," so death is akin to a two week paid vacation, but they would not have known that Goku was the one that hired Hit. So, if he was defeated and left for dead, wouldn't they have tried to get revenge?