It is easy enough to list a few anime that started off strong before losing the plot. Actually, there is one of those lists right here. Flipping it around, there are a handful of series that took awhile to find their footing really. We are not saying they went from okay to good, like “One Piece” or “Dragon Ball Super,” but these three anime started off so poorly that they might have put off a few people from watching them. Which is unfortunate, as they all eventually achieved greatness.

'Gintama' becomes one of the funniest shows of all time

Anyone who has stuck by “Gintama” knows the hilarious heights the series managed to reach. It proved successful enough that more than 300 episodes have been produced and another season is expected to be really soon.


When someone recommends “Gintama,” it always comes with a specific disclaimer: It gets good at episode 25. This is the first genuinely great episode of the series, with the ones preceding it offering a mixed bag. An adaptation of the manga by Hideaki Sorachi, the comedy juggernaut features a gigantic and multi layered cast, one that is crucial to the style of humor presented throughout the series. We laugh because we know who these people are, which obviously improves as the series goes on.

The first 24 episodes are still worth watching as they help make the later scenes all that funnier.

'Katekyo Hitman Reborn!' transformed into a completely different show

Akira Amano's manga “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” started off as a silly slice of life comedy that struggled to actually be funny.

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It centers on Tsuna, a kid lacking a backbone, who suddenly finds out that he has been chosen to lead a mafia organization. He is informed by Reborn, a talking baby assassin, that he will spend the next few years training to prepare for the role. Tsuna proceeds to whine constantly for the next few issues.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” eventually transitioned into a typical battle manga, a genre better suited to the characters and basic premise. It was around this time that the comic started earning some acclaim. Despite the negative reception the early chapters received, the anime decided to adapt the earlier chapters anyway. Unsurprisingly, the new medium did not suddenly make them any better, resulting in a painful first 20 episodes to get through. Once it becomes a battle anime, the series gets good.


'Lucky Star' is almost perfect

Lucky Star” is a classic slice of life anime and one that everyone should at least try to watch. The only recommendation we have is to skip four episodes and start from number two. Kyoto Animation fired the original director at that point and brought in a replacement. The difference is notable almost immediately.

The first few episodes, especially the pilot, lack the wit and energy seen in the remaining season. The pacing is off and can be rather off-putting. The characters are still enjoyable, but it might be best to leave those episodes for a later date, as they might be off putting.