A few days ago, some images were revealed, showing two characters from Universe 6 who have been hidden thus far. However, there are still two characters from Universe 4 who haven’t been shown yet, and it is assumed that they will play a role in the closing moments of the Tournament of #Power.

When the recruitment for Universe 7's team was finalized in episode 82 of "#Dragon Ball Super," Vegeta reprimanded Son Goku for including Frieza. The Saiyan replied that it was necessary -- especially after asking Whis whether there were powerful warriors in the other universes

The angel of Universe 7 mentioned that there is a mortal that is stronger than a #God Of Destruction, but didn’t specify who it was.

For this reason, social media has been flooded with theories on the topic.

Why do fans think this?

As Whis mentioned, there is another God of Destruction who beat Lord Beerus. This matter was most likely provoked by some rivalry between the two deities, and we know for certain that the only gods who have a rivalry with Beerus are Champa and Quitela. This would further confirm the theory that the mortal who is more powerful than a God of Destruction could be one of the hidden characters, as the following image suggests:

Why not Jiren?

Most long-time Dragon Ball fans know that this anime is famous for having unexpected plot twists. In other words, they always make you believe one this will happen, and then something completely opposite actually happens.

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From the beginning, Jiren has been shown as the main rival that Goku has to beat. However, it was never confirmed that he is the mortal who is stronger than a God of Destruction. Plus, it would be pretty obvious for this Universe 11 alien to be the most powerful of all, which is something that doesn’t usually happen in "Dragon Ball." For this reason, it’s likely that this rival isn't Jiren, but a completely new character. This would keep fans on their toes and offer a potential plot twist that is not so easy to predict.

Finally, we should recognize that there are still many good battles left to go in the tournament. After all, Goku is getting closer to the power of the gods.

For now, that’s all the information we have about this series. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available, and tune in to the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" to find out what will happen next in the Tournament of Power. What do you think will happen next? What are you most excited to see?